glorious days

Hi everyone, this is probably the most tired Jacob on this trip so far writing. It’s been 4 pretty insane days in Engelberg, consisting of pretty much 9 to 5 hiking, skinning, shoveling and skiing. We’ve been super productive and the November edit is coming along great, we haven’t decided on a drop date yet but you will know very soon!

I don’t have too many shots to show off because we’re trying to be a little secretive with what has been going on, but here’s a few to give you an idea:


The view from our front door at the Skiers Lodge Engelberg


Daniel, Cam and JP ready for some touring

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

On the way up the weather turned milky but we still got a nice day of touring, couple fun turns, and Daniel and I finished it off with spending 2 hours building a jump that you will see more of later…It turned out good.


Fun features we spent some time on.


The infamous Jamie Pierre 55 m cliff. I can’t even wrap my head around how you can actually jump that…DSC00795

Alpenglow at 4.30pm.


This is when we finally decided to finish the jump and head home… Long day!

So, since I can’t show you any jump shots, I’ll just end this post by saying today was a success, and you will all be stoked on what’s coming out of this trip. I really can’t wait to show you my pre-season.

Tomorrow we’re taking a mellow day off, it’s supposed to snow so maybe we’ll get some on sunday. Then we’re off to a final adventure on this trip!



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  1. duddd says:

    Awesome Jacob! So glad that you are doing this project. Can’t wait to see the results! Do you think that spending time with JP will increase your skills for Linecatcher?

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