Surviving Telluride

Those of you who followed me last winter might remember a couple updates from Telluride, Colorado. I spent 10 days there with Seth Morrison to do a story on the skiing and the scene there for Oakley. It’s finally gone live, and if you head over to you can check out all the action we got up to! Definitely one of the most eye-opening trips I’ve been on!



In other news, I’m back in Stockholm. Two days ago it started snowing but some gale force winds pretty much blew most of the snow away. Still got to go surfing, even though it was definitely getting a little cold for my liking. I would have shot some photos to share with you but I just couldn’t use my hands after getting out of the water!

We are dropping episode 1 of Unfiltered Skiing the day after tomorrow and after having seen a little rough cut of it I am more than stoked to show you all what we have accomplished in 3 november weeks! Stay tuned!


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  1. Olle says:

    You must go there again with the unfiltered project. It just seem sweet, all in all. Great skiing by the way (as always)!

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