Unfiltered Skiing – E01 – Intro/Snovember

After almost a month of hard work, I am more than proud to release the first episode of Unfiltered Skiing. This project has been a dream of mine for over a year and I am so stoked to get the ball rolling. Here’s to many more episodes!

This entire video was filmed and produced in 3 weeks in the European Alps, in November. Our first intent was to make a pre-season video and we were happy with any ridable conditions we could find, but I guess Austria and Switzerland got hit by some of the best early season snowfalls ever, so it felt more like mid-winter for us down there. Here’s the result, enjoy!


18 Responses to “Unfiltered Skiing – E01 – Intro/Snovember”

  1. Patric says:


    Ville bara påpeka hur jäkla bra videon va, grymt jobb!


  2. george says:

    so you basically ego-tripping all year long letting people guide and film you and not showing any of your friends skiing ? don’t get me wrong, its a cool idea , the skiing is good but wheres the fun ? that feeling i get while watching this was kinda the same of someones self edit …. too much talking , too less skiing in my opinion
    still I´m excited what you will bring up in the rest of the winter …

  3. jacob wester says:

    thanks george, good feedback! this first episode is a bit of an ego trip, since I went to the alps myself together with a filmer and photog, both of which are my friends by the way. we did a lot of riding together that obviously wasnt caught on film. tried getting some other skiers to join me but they couldnt afford it, and everyone else are in the US competing.

    the plan for the coming episodes, however, is to bring in guest athletes, so I guess you will just have to wait a little longer. although the main purpose of the series is as an outlet for me to show what I do without the middlemen that is ski movie production companies.

    thanks for watching!

  4. Kasper says:

    Nice editting!! Looks like an awesome pre season beginning!!

  5. Rob says:

    Hi Jacob

    I enjoyed the edit. It is nice to see the different places you traveled displayed through a video.

    Do you ride the 183 or 192 armada tst?

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  6. jacobwester says:

    hi rob!

    thanks! I ride both, but for this trip I had the touring setup with my duke’s mounted, and the skis are 183′s. sure, a little harder to land big tricks with, but worth it for the lower weight and they fit better in tight chutes!

  7. dudd says:

    so you we’re doing bc jumps with dukes ?
    wow ..pretty solid bindings then

  8. Gunnar says:

    Hi Jacob!

    At first really nice edit, looking forward to see more. You used pretty good music in the video. Is it possible to let me or us know the artists and the songs?

    best regards..

  9. Mike says:

    Great episode! Something other than doubs and pretzels to watch this weekend. Really gets you excited to ski and travel.

  10. Niklas says:

    Great episode! Really impresive to drop something like this so early during the season.

  11. marian says:

    aww man! such a great edit! great start into the season. keep ‘em coming!

  12. towrope says:

    Great video. Ignore the ego-tripping comment. This personal journey approach is a great change of pace from the hundreds of web series out there. Also, keep up the talking and narrating love to hear your perspective.

    Also great soundtrack – expecting some more great music choices from you in the future.

  13. Will says:

    Totally blown away by the shots you were able to get in November! Congrats on getting this project off the ground and I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. If I had to watch another early season park edit I was going to lose my mind!

  14. Erika says:

    Going out for the first time tomorrow and getting amped by watching this amazing video! Looking forward to following the blog and future vids. I heard a Lourdes song, can you post the other tracks?

    Best wishes

  15. scarlet says:

    Great edit with good music! How many and what kind of cameras were used?
    Awesome concept and cant’t wait see how you explore your own skiing. Hope you will show a little bit of your other talents too in later episodes as I think that somewhat defines your skiing after all.

    Was the lady at the end the first guest athlete?!

  16. Sarah says:

    Hey Jacob!
    Great episode, I really enjoy the vibe of this video. I am not sure whether you posted it somewhere before but I was wondering what songs did you use? Cheers

  17. Chris says:

    Classy video Jacob and Daniel, great addition to the Nordic Blanche genre! :)
    Looks like a pretty good decision to go off and do your own thing…looking forward to the next episode.
    (wondering if you can package & sell that to Engelberg’s Tourism office, makes me want to go to Engelberg now :) )

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