Another day, another airport. I am currently sitting in Geneva trying to scrap together this blog post from the last 4 days. After Linecatcher was cancelled due to poor snow (bummer, because that was going to be the second episode of Unfiltered Skiing), I got a message from my friend Nate Wallace over in Chamonix, inviting me to come ski and do a little bit of filming together with him, the local crew, and Seth Morrison. Not a bad offer, and since I’ve never been to Cham before I decided it was time!

Now, after only 3 days, I’m already thinking about moving. Chamonix is truly the best skiing on the planet, and I couldnt be more happy with my visit. We ended up freeskiing without cameras for most of the time, doing laps in waist deep powder, for thousands and thousands of vertical meters, with no tracks. This place is mind-blowing. I am grateful for all the help from the local community, letting me ride with them and see their secret spots. I am coming back soon!


Chamoniard and local Armada skier Tof Henry getting deep with Seth Morrison in the background. Tof had the gopro out for most of our runs so he is responsible for the photos in this post, thanks Tof!




Me trying to keep up with Tof on the Grand Envers off Aiguille du Midi. 3000 vertical meters of snorkel snow.


Top of Grand Montets


Tof and Seth enjoying the scenery.


Balancing on the ridge off the top of Grand Montets. Chamonix is all about their no-fall zones…


Crevasse city.


Tof leading the way down some sick pillows into town.


Skiing a new run behind someone who knows every rock on the mountain is interesting. You just trust the person in front of you and air off everything you see. Secret spot overlooking the village.


Looking down the bridge on Aiguille du midi, 3800 meters over the sea.


Looking back at the Grand Envers from Mer de Glace after our last run yesterday.


Long walk back across the glacier when you set the first track.


The view from Tof’s backyard. Aiguille du Midi mid-station on the right.



And yes, there is such a thing as “too deep”. Lot of work getting out of flat spots, but who cares when you are alone on the mountain!

As some of you may have noticed, these photos are all gopro screenshots or iphone photos. I managed to lose my Sony rx100 the first day after taking a tumble, I guess the mountain gives and takes. At least it’s just a camera. If you have any suggestions on what point-and-shoot I should get, drop them here!

Time to board, long trip ahead. See you all in Revelstoke, where filming for Unfiltered Skiing episode 2 begins tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Chamonix”

  1. Axel says:

    Intressant inlägg! Som säsongare i Verbier måste jag erkänna att jag börjar tvivla lite på valet av skidort, tur att vi har några åkdagar gratis i Cham som säkerligen kommer att utnyttjas snart. Angående point and shoot kamera kan jag rekommendera Fujifilm X100S. Har tidigare använt systemkameror med lösa objektiv, vilket resulterade i att kameran ofta lämnades hemma. Att använda en kompaktkamera har inte varit ett alternativ förrän jag hittade den här. Googla på lite recensioner, tror du kommer gilla den, även om den är lite större än en kompaktkamera. Men du rymmer den lätt under jackan, om du köper till original fodralet i retro läder.

  2. Lambert says:

    Sick stuff Jacob! Really stoked for you!
    Was Nate filming with his gopro?

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