Here’s another photo recap post fro my recent trip to Riksgränsen, a mellow 15 hour drive north of Stockholm, about as far north as you can go in Sweden. I’ll try to fill you in on the details of what’s going on in each shot. Most photos by Alric Ljunghager:



Building the classic jump Apelsinklyftan. I haven’t really seen it tricked much before so it was fun to get a couple shots here.


Simon Ericson and Henrik Harlaut earning their turns. The first half of our trip we had beautiful snow conditions, and not many people around to track it. This face is a short traverse from the top lift, then a 15 minute hike. We spent many afternoons here.


Finding my way down a maze of rocks and falling snow. photo by Daniel Rönnbäck.


Overlooking the west side of Riksgränsen, a run where you ski into Norway, then back to Sweden.


Daniel enjoying the fresh May goodness.


Henrik getting wild on a QP to redirect we had some fun with.


Phil Casabon, air to fakie.


Flair. photo by Daniel Rönnbäck.


Building one of many jumps I got to hit on this trip. Been collecting a lot of footage for XGames Real Ski Backcountry, which I am super stoked on being a part of. Hopefully you will like the video, dropping this fall!


“Just one more hit”…


A soft, but flat landing. photo by Daniel Rönnbäck


Freshies in may is something I can get used to. photo by Daniel Rönnbäck.


Posing in front of Lapporten, or “the portal to Laplandia”, a famous landmark up here.




Dropping off Armada filmer Corey Stanton at Narvik airport.


The sky at 1:30am. The light up here either makes you feel alive, or drive you mad.


Phil Casabon taking it all in.




The tiny town of Björkliden, where we stayed during our time here.


Not a bad view.


Heli day, two first-timers and one old guy. photo by Daniel Rönnbäck.

Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Acke says:

    Playground for the dedicated!

  2. Andy says:

    Hey Jacob

    I love your Jacket/Pants Combo from Armada! What size are you wearing (Jacket and Pants) and how
    tall are you? I can only buy it online from Switzerland so I need some help with finding the right size.

    Thank you for your Feedback


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