That’s it, it’s officially summer. Looking back at what has been the best season of my life, not in terms of results or achievements, but personal growth and love for skiing, I can’t feel more content. This winter I think I finally found what I have been looking for, and I have never felt more at peace. I got to ski everything from slushy spring park to gnarly chamonix couloirs, to crazy canadian pillow lines, and massive backcountry booters, surrounded by some of my favorite people on earth. Producing my own video series has been a great experience and I can’t wait to figure out some new plans for next year. I want to send out a giant thank you, to Monster Energy, Armada Skis and Oakley, for helping me realize these dreams, and last but not least to all the blog readers, all the instagram and facebook likers, and all skiing fans in general for supporting me throughout my 10th consecutive season as a professional skier. Here’s to 10 more!

Summer has started, and Sofia and I have been out having fun with our cameras. Make sure to follow this blog through the summer, as we have some really exciting plans. I will give you all a full schedule soon, in the mean time, enjoy some photos from the last few days!

_B6A9589Miniature fern forest. It’s amazing watching everything coming to life.

_B6A9617The European Pied Flycatcher prepping it’s nest right next to our house. Real breakfast entertainment right here!


_B6A9701Butterflies everywhere.

_B6A9755Waiting for a strike. There’s something meditative about fishing, I almost don’t even care if I catch anything.

_B6A9742Action.  _B6A9782Mini pike in every corner. They’re small but have a lot of fighting power.



Perch. Super tasty fish, not sure why I forgot to smile in this photo.

_B6A9881No summer nights without this one.

IMG_0393 No summer breakfasts either. Coffee maker extraordinaire at 7am!

_B6A9664Thanks for stopping by!

That’s it for now, going to run some errands today. I finally got a new phone after not having one for over a month, so I’m off to pick that up, as well as doing my democratic duty of voting for Sweden’s representative in the EU. After that we’re off to Sofia’s parents for some BBQ!

Keep checking the blog for some more summer love!


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  1. R says:

    Great stuff J.

  2. sarah says:

    Cool pictures!

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