lazy days

Only 10 days left until Sofia and I embark on a 6 week journey to USA and Mexico, so we are taking every chance of enjoying Stockholm summer, meeting friends, and just having a good time in general. Lot’s of chilling and beer drinking in these photos, but I have actually been working out at least 4 sessions a week, I have to get in shape for surfing! Won’t bother you with gym photos, here’s some of the good times instead!


BBQ session in Tantolunden, Stockholm.


Daniel joined up with us after his California trip, looks like they had a good time!


I haven’t played mini golf in so long, and Tantolunden just so happens to have one of Sweden’s best courses! Such a fun summer night activity!




Yep, you guessed it. More fishing photos. This time we headed south to a friend’s place on Ingar√∂, Stockholm archipelago. No fish but such a good time hanging out.


Wait for it…


Good thing there’s beer.




Gabriel, a good surf friend of mine, abusing alcohol.


Rapeseed (yes, that’s the name) fields.¬† Makes for some dramatic photos. Sweden is so beautiful in summer!

Today we are heading back out to “our” lake for some more good times in the sun. This week’s forecast is just too good to ignore, so we’re spending a few nights out there. Hopefully the fishing is better, I will make sure to update you soon!

Enjoy summer everyone!



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  1. shane says:

    Hopefully we will see some of the fun stuff you will be up to in the US!
    Enjoy yourself!

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