Encinitas surf

After hanging out in newport for a few days, we headed down to Carlsbad/Encinitas to hang out with a bunch of friends (Banks Gilberti, Stefi Luxton, Jossi Wells and his fiancee Hannah, kiwi snowboarder Possum Torr among others). We went surfing and watched the world cup, and just had a great time in general. California in the summer is pretty awesome, I could definitely see myself living here for a year or so.

Some photos from the day:

IMG_1036 Sofia enjoying the sun and the water in Encinitas. Such a chill spot to hang out.

IMG_1040Watching soccer with the dawgs.


Sofia and another dawg.


Surfing, sun and too much Chipotle makes Jacob a sleepyhead.


Getting ready for a sunset surf with Banks. He is not as short as this photo makes him out to be.


One of the funnest longboard spots I have surfed. It’s a long way from grinding indonesian barrels, but really fun and relaxing for a change.






After a 6 month break from surfing this is how excited I get. Anyone who surfs knows how much better of a person you become after a session.

Yesterday we packed up and left SoCal for Vegas, and this place is insane. I will drop a post on all the craziness here tomorrow. Now we’re off to the pool for a beer and some gambling later. Peace!


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