Grand Canyon

Another day, another adventure. Here’s a photo recap from our visit to Grand Canyon. This place is truly spectacular and even though we expected it to be amazing you really have to see it to believe it. We went to the north rim, which is about 4 hours from Vegas by car, and so worth the drive, it’s a lot less touristy and you’re really out in the middle of nowhere. Check out some of the photos we took:


Between somewhere and nowhere.




Right after entering Grand Canyon national park we bumped right into these impressive Bison. Beautiful animals, although they’re not native to this region and supposedly do a lot of damage to the park. Makes for amazing back-lit photo opportunities, however.



Deer all the way along the roads, pretty scary driving back in the dark as we saw dozens of them trying to cross the road.


We arrived at the Canyon just in time for an amazing sunset.





Walking up to the edge in the howling head-wind was definitely an intense experience. The canyon is a mile deep (1600m), and in some places the walls are nearly vertical for the upper part.




Sofia enjoying the warm breeze.


_B6A1383  Untitled_Panorama1

Thanks for the vistas, Grand Canyon.

Now we’re back in LA but there’s no time to rest. I just got out of the water after one last morning surf session, and now we’re off towards Yosemite national park. High expectations for this one, even though it’s full of tourists I can’t wait to check it all out. Make sure to follow the blog for a ton of photos coming soon!


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