Yosemite national park

Hi everyone, we’re finally back online! It’s been 3 days since I have had any sort of internet connection except for a 5 minute starbucks glance on the road. Anyways, since the last post, Sofia and I have left Grand Canyon, driven our rental car back to Los Angeles, picked up our camper, and driven north to Yosemite, then on to Mt.Shasta, and now we have finally arrived in Mt.Hood, where we will be based for a couple of days. We have over 30 GBs of photos to go through, but here’s a quick lookback on the last few days:


we found this little waterfall and swimming pool about 5 minutes from our camping ground in yosemite. pretty epic place for a morning shower!


not sure about the water temp though, i’d say around 15°C (50°F), but the hot sun made up for it. camping is the best!


Nature experience 1: The giant tadpole. I had no idea there were tadpoles this big, but this guy is massive. Here is another photo for reference:


Makes you wonder how big the full-grown frog would be.


Breakfast setup in Yosemite! Oat meal, trail mix, nutella and instant coffee for days.


Our van, and rolling bed, “Mooney”.


We did our first Yosemite hike in Mariposa grove, home to the biggest living organisms known on earth, the Giant Sequoias. These trees are all between 1000 and 3000 years old. Makes your head spin for sure.


One of the grove’s biggest monsters, the “Grizzly Giant”. I like how the USA love to name things, all of the trees in the park have their own nickname. The lower branches on this guy are thicker than any of the non-redwood trees’ trunks in the park are.


Sofia and The Roots.


Moss close-up.


Pretty sweet vista at the top.


Aaand then it was time to jump off of something, finally. Mirror lake was not much of a lake with the on-going drought, but there were still a few deep spots. Half Dome, the iconic mountain right in the middle of Yosemite Valley is in the background.


Sofia and crazy landscape.


Cool lizard.




Lot’s of walking and a heavy camera pack.


View from Glacier Point over the whole valley. Some of the most insane scenery I’ve ever seen. Like, system overload in the brain insane.


One more vista.


The current California drought showing itself on Yosemite falls.


Checking out the falls up close.

Running out of laptop battery now so I will show you more as soon as I’m back on! Peace!

Jacob and Sofia

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  1. sara says:

    These summer posts about adventures/travel/surfing are the best! Have fun!

  2. Jessie says:

    Very interesting to read, looking forward to your following update. Thank you for sharing.

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