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New blog

2012-01-30 02:10 | 2692 Visningar | Kommentera

As the title says, I have a new blog. and a new webiste, my own website for the first time.

This will help my family and friends who are not on freeride to make comments on my posts

Please follow me:



new team

2012-01-27 01:15 | 2845 Visningar | Kommentera

I have teamed up with a new bracelets brand. On the picture above you can see the Jonathan Claar Pro Model. 

I am very happy about this coorporation. I think and hope it will be good for both parties.

Get your own bracelet here. Write Claar in your order to get a 10% discount.

I am back!

2012-01-24 06:11 | 3002 Visningar | Kommentera

I'm back on snow!


2012-01-21 07:25 | 3179 Visningar | Kommentera

I've been resting a few days since my crash now, and probably, unfortunately I have to stay off the mountain tormorrow as well. It's a bit frustrating. The canada-no-work-just-ski-life is not as fun without the skiing-part. But I'll give it a few more days, then I'll be back in my boots, on my skis. The snow is puking down now, and I will try my boots tomorrow, if it feels quite good, I'm going to give it a shot. Just a few runs would be awesome. But then it's weekend and it will be so many people, the huge line-up before the gondola. But it will be worth it if it keeps snowing all night. On the other hand. I know I will have a lot of powder days out here in Revelstoke. So there is no need to stress. But damn I want to ski! 

Today we went out for some beacon practice, it was good. Long time since the last practice and it's good for me to know that my friends will be able to find me, and for my friends to know that I will be able to find them, if it is needed. Hopefully it should not be needed, but you never know. 

We've been out for some partying two times since last update. On tuesday it was 2 dollar beer at Regent. Cheap! But it also made us pretty hung. It was a great night tho. Didn't spend a lot of money even tho I had quite a few beer. Last night we went to Traverse which used to be the local strip club. But we found out it is not any more. After a few beer, air hockey and a wet t-shirt contest, we went to Last drop to finnish the night, but at the same moment that we were to order beer, we decided to go to the pizza place, have a slice and the go home. Great call!

Now we have just watched Très Bonne Équipe, the movie about Kaj&Sverre. Great movie, a real feel-good movie. Now we're going to bed, getting prepared for a pow day. As I said, hopefully I will be able to ski. Otherwise, I'll watch some movies and wait for the other guys to come home and tell me how deep and awesome it was. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Air hockey. Erik was last nights champ!

2 dollar beer at Regent. That's what I call a good beer.

A great IPA called Nasty Habit, it's a local beer.

Anna came home yesterday and was not so happy. 167 dollars due to "Fail to wear seatbelt" Ouch!

Beacon practice. Jocke and Erik in action.


fun pow

2012-01-18 01:38 | 3311 Visningar | Kommentera

Yesterday we decided it was time to get back on the mountain again after a day off. The day off was very needed but now our suck for skiing was to big. Erik, Jocke and I hitchedhiked up to the hill, they got a ride with an Australian dude, and I was picked up by two guys and a girl from New Zealand. It's easy to get a ride here. You just stand beside the road and in a few minutes someone will stop and ask you if you want a ride, you don't even have to show the your thumb. Try that in sweden..

We had an awesome day up there. After the gondola and the Stoke chair we put our skins on and hiked for about 30 minutes to the top of Montana bowl. Same as last time. The diffenrence tho, it was deeper yesterday, a little bit slower snow, but deeper for sure. I haven't had time to edit the movies yet, but you can watch them on my facebook. We also hade quite a few pics where you can see how deep it was. I don't have them all but watch Jocke and Erik's blog which I shared yesterday.

Today we went uphill again, it was cold but still good snow. We skied spanish ridge which is a fun area to play around. We found a sweet cliff, around 6 meters which is pretty high for me, but I jumped it. And now Im in pain. The landing was not that soft and even if I stompted it, with some help from my backslap, something happend to my right leg, I suspect a rapture of a muscle in my shin. I wouldn't say it't too bad. Maybe a few days off. Hopefully. Im not worried any more and friends and family back home should not be worried either. Sometimes this happens and you have to push your self in order to improve.

Here's some pics from yesterday

Jocke in a sweet powder turn.

Andreas skis deep

Mr. Hammarsten is smiling big, even tho you can't see it!

Make sure you turn right here..

No, I haven't seen a bear, and no, Im not scared, just cold and excited.. I guess this is my cold and excited look.




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Today we decided to stay in town and don't ski. Sore muscles and lots of people on the mountain since it's Sunday was the main reason. We spend a few hours downtown, checked som skishops and grabed a coffee at a nice café. I bought some new touring poles, so now I'll probably run up the hill. When you don't ski, you just chill, pretty much. So I've spent a few minutes in the front of my Mac, and now Erik is cooking dinner. Not that tough life.

Here's a few pice on what we do when we are not skiing.

I just want to say; a pretty nice view!

Downtown Revelstoke, ist typical canadian


a pretty sweet truck

my new poles

watching ski movies

Erik made us a great pasta + köttfärssås


fler bloggar

2012-01-15 22:05 | 3477 Visningar | Kommentera

blogga är populärt här!

kolla gärna in dessa bloggar för att få lite olika vinklar, andra stories och fler sätt att berätta hur vi har det här borta:






first powder

2012-01-15 09:23 | 3578 Visningar | Kommentera

Second day on the mountain today. 25 cm snow over night made us very excited this morning. But when we came up to mountain we realised that we were not alone. a huge line to the gondola and it took us at least 20 minutes before we sat in the gondola. We took a few runs inbounds but it was pretty much skied up. Most of it. After a lunch break we decided use our skins. Thirty minutes later we were on the top of montana bowl. Untouched powder. 500, or so, vertical meters. Ridiculously good snow. After all it turned out to be a great day. We are all very tired and it's time to go to sleep. Tomorrow we are probably going to sleep in, and then maybe go up for a montana bowl run again. We'll see.

On the way up! 

Powder turns!

Happy dudes after an epic run.

You should probably not ski there!


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