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New Gear and New Year

I wrote a post a few minutes ago, and then, when I was about to update, my MacBook fucked up and I had to turn it off, I that I had written was gone. What I want to say is that I had a great Christmas with my family, and Annas family. New Years eve was awesome and that Revelstoke is getting closer. Im not really feeling it tho. I mean, Im stoked for it, for sure. But since the weather in Sweden, particularly Hestra, is shitty, I guess I cant really feel the great feeling I usually have in december-january. I can't remember last season I couldn't ski after new years. Tonight we had like 2 cm's of snow in Hestra, it was white, and then it started to rain again. it sucks!

Anyway. Anna are coming on thursday and it's going to be a great weekend. My brother and his family will also come and visit us for the weekend. Looking forward to it. I wish tho, that we could spend a few hours up at Isaberg (the local mountain), but that wont happen. 

Here's a few pics from New Years and some stuff.

activities on Saturday

BBQ and beer and Lord Calvert

Anna and I, ready for New Year's dinner

music charades

fire works

We didn't have fire works since the hosts have two dogs, so we lighted these paper air-balloons instead.

Getting geared up for the winter with some new liners. Old - New.

Thanks to Krille at www.areskidsport.se

And these beauties! Skins and Marker Duke. Thanks to Patrik at www.skidad.com. If you haven't visited that site. Do so!