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fun pow

Yesterday we decided it was time to get back on the mountain again after a day off. The day off was very needed but now our suck for skiing was to big. Erik, Jocke and I hitchedhiked up to the hill, they got a ride with an Australian dude, and I was picked up by two guys and a girl from New Zealand. It's easy to get a ride here. You just stand beside the road and in a few minutes someone will stop and ask you if you want a ride, you don't even have to show the your thumb. Try that in sweden..

We had an awesome day up there. After the gondola and the Stoke chair we put our skins on and hiked for about 30 minutes to the top of Montana bowl. Same as last time. The diffenrence tho, it was deeper yesterday, a little bit slower snow, but deeper for sure. I haven't had time to edit the movies yet, but you can watch them on my facebook. We also hade quite a few pics where you can see how deep it was. I don't have them all but watch Jocke and Erik's blog which I shared yesterday.

Today we went uphill again, it was cold but still good snow. We skied spanish ridge which is a fun area to play around. We found a sweet cliff, around 6 meters which is pretty high for me, but I jumped it. And now Im in pain. The landing was not that soft and even if I stompted it, with some help from my backslap, something happend to my right leg, I suspect a rapture of a muscle in my shin. I wouldn't say it't too bad. Maybe a few days off. Hopefully. Im not worried any more and friends and family back home should not be worried either. Sometimes this happens and you have to push your self in order to improve.

Here's some pics from yesterday

Jocke in a sweet powder turn.

Andreas skis deep

Mr. Hammarsten is smiling big, even tho you can't see it!

Make sure you turn right here..

No, I haven't seen a bear, and no, Im not scared, just cold and excited.. I guess this is my cold and excited look.