Welcome to the good life


I've been resting a few days since my crash now, and probably, unfortunately I have to stay off the mountain tormorrow as well. It's a bit frustrating. The canada-no-work-just-ski-life is not as fun without the skiing-part. But I'll give it a few more days, then I'll be back in my boots, on my skis. The snow is puking down now, and I will try my boots tomorrow, if it feels quite good, I'm going to give it a shot. Just a few runs would be awesome. But then it's weekend and it will be so many people, the huge line-up before the gondola. But it will be worth it if it keeps snowing all night. On the other hand. I know I will have a lot of powder days out here in Revelstoke. So there is no need to stress. But damn I want to ski! 

Today we went out for some beacon practice, it was good. Long time since the last practice and it's good for me to know that my friends will be able to find me, and for my friends to know that I will be able to find them, if it is needed. Hopefully it should not be needed, but you never know. 

We've been out for some partying two times since last update. On tuesday it was 2 dollar beer at Regent. Cheap! But it also made us pretty hung. It was a great night tho. Didn't spend a lot of money even tho I had quite a few beer. Last night we went to Traverse which used to be the local strip club. But we found out it is not any more. After a few beer, air hockey and a wet t-shirt contest, we went to Last drop to finnish the night, but at the same moment that we were to order beer, we decided to go to the pizza place, have a slice and the go home. Great call!

Now we have just watched Très Bonne Équipe, the movie about Kaj&Sverre. Great movie, a real feel-good movie. Now we're going to bed, getting prepared for a pow day. As I said, hopefully I will be able to ski. Otherwise, I'll watch some movies and wait for the other guys to come home and tell me how deep and awesome it was. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Air hockey. Erik was last nights champ!

2 dollar beer at Regent. That's what I call a good beer.

A great IPA called Nasty Habit, it's a local beer.

Anna came home yesterday and was not so happy. 167 dollars due to "Fail to wear seatbelt" Ouch!

Beacon practice. Jocke and Erik in action.