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first winter

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Listening to M83 - Midnight City, looking out through the window, it's white. Feeling the winter coming. Probably it wont stay, but still. It's white, and at this moment, it's here. 

Anyway, I took my camera out to play a little bit, I almost had to dust it off, it's been a while since the last time I used it. But it was good to be back behind it. This is the first "real" snow in Hestra. December 21st. Three days before christmas.

The camera is a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55 lens.

Now we can only pray for more snow. 


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On friday I took the car and went down to Anna in Helsingborg. I had a few things to do before I was able to leave so I came down kind of late on friday night. On Saturday Anna had to work a few hours and I made Helsingborg city. Actually, to be honest, I did Alpingaraget and Systembolaget, that is pretty much what you need on saturday. After that we went to Annas friend and watched Premier League, and yes, I am pretty sure that Anna doesn't like premier league.

After a great dinner we watched a movie and after that Anna went to bed, but I saw that Spiderman was shown on TV so I stayed up and watched it. On sunday we went to Väla to meet up with Anna family to do some christmas shopping. I found a par of chinos for my self, other than that, not a lot, but it was a great day.

I just got off from an awesome skype session with Nat and Amber. I worked with them last season and they where here a week during the summer. They told me how much snow it is in Banff and up at Sunshine Village right now. They also gave me some gossip. 


On saturday we baked some ginger bread!




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It's nine days left to christmas eve, but for me it feels like christmas is already over. Since we kind of had our christmas eve last Saturday. It was the only weekend we could get the whole family gathered. Take it or leave it. I got what I wished for. Steve Jobs - a biography. So Im happy. Im not a big christmas fan, so a great book for christmas is more than enough, got an envelope from mom and dad as well. But christmas for me is not that special. I mean, its great that you get to see your family and close friends who usually come home this time of the year. But apart from that, Im not a big fan. It may be because I haven't been home for christmas the last two years, and the year before that, I had to leave two days after christmas eve. I obviously like the winter, like crazy. But where I am now, its not even white outside, do you call that christmas? Oh, no? I thought so. Give me some snow for the 24th and I'll be happy! Let me get some runs up at Isaberg before I leave for the real stuff!

It was a great weeked with my family and its sad I don't see them a lot, all of them. But at least I will see my brother and his family again before I leave for the great white north. 

A great friend of mine, Angelica, leaves for Idre on monday, and will be back in late april. And since Im going to Helsingborg and Anna tomorrow, it means I wont see Angelica before late april. I hope you will have the best winter up there my friend!


I've been counting, not perfectly, but still counting. And I believe I've got 12 more days to work. I like my work at Hestra Gloves. But now I've been counting down to a few months off. This is the final countdown. Cliché, I know. Tomorrow is my last friday working for at least three months. Feels amazing, I cant wait to just ski, drink beer, hot tubing, walking around downtown Revelstoke.

I will miss you Anna, but time will fly!


 a pretty damn good gift! Looking forward to read it. First, I have to finnish the book Im reading at the moment.

Luciamys on tuesday

gym session last night.

my view the past week.

So first I thought La nina was attacking, it dumped! but then, ten minutes later, it was raining, and then it hit me. Im in Sweden, and not even in the north.


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La nina goes sweden? not really, tho we've got a few centimeters over night. I can't ski for sure, but I'm just happy to see it.

Blue bird!


sunshine and white gold that covers the ground. amazing!


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The first snow has arrived. Last night when Anna and I came home, snow was falling down and it was a little bit white on the ground. My smile was pretty big, but my teeth was not as white as the ground. When I woke up this morning, I saw that the ground was white, still. And it is now as well. The snow will probably thaw away soon, but it feels like winter is coming closer. Not only do I know that I get to ski soon. Its beautiful too. Snow makes the dark fall bright and awesome.

This weekend Anna and I helped my sister and Victor to move. It was a pretty tough saturday actually. They live on the third floor and there was no elevator. Sofa, bed, TV bench, chest of drawers, and around 25 boxes. Did I say third floor? The good thing was the elevator in the new apartment. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing. 


Full apartment..

..minus furniture


equals empty apartment


First snow on the ground. This is taken from the lunch room at work

Got an enjoyable delivery on sunday! 

Where are you?

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Welcome first of December!

Nothing much going on at the moment. Working, working out.. mostly.

It is December. Winter, why aren't you here already? I want some negative degrees, snow fall, icy roads. But everywhere I look I can only see rain, darkness and boring fall. Normally I think the fall is pretty nice, in September or in October, but absolutely not in December. At the moment, I am listening to the soundtrack of The Art of Flight, reminds me of the good times last winter.

Tomorrow its friday, A is coming, we're going to Växjö to my sister. They wanted some help to move out. Should be a great weekend, I get to see my sister and I'll have A here for a few days. 

I've got something sad to say. Last night I watched the last episode of Entourage. What now? I mean, I want to see more episodes, and there are no more. it Sucks! Lucky me I've got some episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Sons of Anarchy! 


Went for a walk through the village the other day..

Balance excercise

Christmas fika? Glögg with taste of orange and Dumle gingerbread. Not the best dumle I've ever had. But glöggen was awesome.

Yesterday's snow report from Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Pretty decent base so far.