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WC Big Air Mönchengladbach |2nd place

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For the first time I got to compete in Germany as the 3rd stop of our Big Air World Cup was held in Mönchengladbach. The organization was on top and they had created a really great jump (it was the 2nd best city big air jump that I’ve tried so far)!

I was comfy on the jump and after qualifying in the morning I got to be be in the start field in front of a big engaging crowd during the finals the same night.

Ladies Results:
1. Silvia Bertagna (ITA), 169.40
2. Emma Dahlström (SWE), 162.20
3. Lisa Zimmermann (GER), 153.80
–> full results

Men’s Results:
1. Henrik Harlaut (SWE), 177.00
2. Luca Schuler (SUI), 174.20
3. Eirik Säteröy (NOR), 173.60
–> full results

Ladies highlight


Guys highlight



arag_big_air_fis_worldcup_moenchengladbach_germany-23Photo: FIS Freestyle


Ladies top three!
Photo: FIS Freestyle



Men’s top three!
Photo: FIS Freestyle



Podium Squad! 1st: Silvia Bertagna n’ Henrik Harlaut, 2nd: Emma Dahlström n’ Luca Schuler, 3rd: Lisa Zimmermann n’ Erik Säteröy.
Photo: FIS Freestyle



Henrik n’ I are still at No1 in the Big Air World Cup ranking
Photo: FIS Freestyle



Photo: FIS Freestyle


Take care, cheers


GoPro: Dunes – Sand Skiing in Peru

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This summer I got to go on the craziest trip of my life. I got the question from GoPro to join in on an adventure to Peru where we were going to try sand skiing?!?

The footy below shows it all and I promise you it’s worth a watch. The video at the top is the original piece and the 2nd video below is the behind the scenes where you get some more details!

Thanks GoPro, Jesper, Will and Alex for making this trip possible!




WC Big Air Milan | 3rd place

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Time flies when you’re having fun and the season is now in full roll. After a really nice autumn spent on different glaciers in Europe (Saas-Fee n’ Stubai) it was time for this season’s second world cup in Big Air. This time we headed to Milan, Italy where they had built a jump in the middle of the art area Expo 2015 and the jump was located at the foot of the artsy tree Albero Dela Vita!

As I’ve experienced earlier it’s not as easy to do your tricks on a scaffolding jump as on a normal park jump. This time I had some struggle to get my cork 7’s down and ready. So I switched from my original plan and focused on my switch riding.

During the quali’s I didn’t ski so well. On my first run I messed up my landing on a switch 7 and crashed. In my 2nd and last run I managed to land a switch 7 with a tacky rev safety and it barley got me in to finals landing me on 6th place (top six moved in to finals), phew, close call!

In the finals there had gathered a nice crowd and it always gets you hyped up! I managed to stomp a nice first run, a switch 720 dub japan, and it scored well, 88 points. For my 2nd run I tried to get my cork 7 tail, but as I mentioned I had struggled with it the whole time in Milan and I bailed this time as well. It now all came down to my third and final run. I made it a safe one and threw a right side 540 safety. It was not my best one to date, but it gave me 69 points and it was enough to give me third place! :)

Big ups to Lisa who really skied like a boss this night! And also to Mathilde that made an awesome debut at her first World Cup in Big Air!

1. Lisa Zimmermann (GER), 90.6 + 90.6 = 181.2
2. Mathilde Gremaud (SUI), 75.4 + 81.8 = 157.2
3. Emma Dahlström (SWE), 88.0 + 69.0 = 157.0
–> full results


POV from my first run, switch 7 dub jap!


The venue! The jump was located at the foot of Albero Dela Vita. P: FIS Freestyle


The girls podium! :D P: FIS Freestyle


Podium Squad! Boys results: 1. Kai Mahler (SUI), 2. Oystein Bråten (NOR), 3. Eirik Säteroy (NOR). P: FIS Freestyle


photo-cred-fis-freestyle-14976359_10154720351106306_879653037243635107_o… and Sweden is still on top with me and Henrik still in the lead of the Big Air World Cup this season! P: FIS Freestyle


Next up, another two weeks in Stubai with winter and an awesome park! Cannot wait :D



New edit | Snow Dome Bispingen

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Here’s my latest edit from when Iwent to Bispingen, Germany with Felix Lundin for one weekend to shred the fridge at Snow Dome Bispingen! So much fun and you get crazy many laps. Really good for your rail skills :D



New edit | Coline n’ Emma in Saas-Fee

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A few weeks back I went on a weeklong trip to Saas-Fee with the french girl Coline Ballet-Baz! We spend 7 days there and we had 6 incredible good days on snow. We came home with a bunch of shots so I made a little edit out of it, enjoy :)

Was the first time I was filming with the new GoPro HERO5, and wow, the new built in stabilization is truly great! We only used a camera and a 3-way handle while filming this, and I think it turned out pretty damn smooth – what do you think?




FIS WC Big Air | El Colorado, Chile

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The first comp of the season is now done! We came to Chile with the Swedish Team two days before the practice started and we got to feel the snow just a little before it was time to hit the Big Air jump. As we were so few girls our qualification got cancelled and we went straight to finals = we got an extra day of practice (which it turned out I really needed). I felt to rusty the first few days back on snow, hadn’t really been hitting any big jumps since April and it took quite a few jumps before I started to get the feeling back.

During the comp it was the two best tricks out of three jumps that counted. I started with doing a cork 720 tail and got 76.20. On my 2nd run I did a switch 540 high safety that I felt very pleased with, and it scored great, 84.80. On my final and 3rd run I redid my cork 720 tail, didn’t get it perfect but increased my score just a little, 79.00. This gave me a total score of 163.80, and it was enough to give me the win, woohoo!

Incredibly happy to’ve been able to start the season like this! As I mentioned it’s always hard for me to get the feeling back, but this comp made me get back faster than ever before. Maybe this is the way to do it? Hi snow, hi competition.

1. Emma Dahlström – 163.80
2. Giulia Tanno – 156.20
3. Melani Kraizel – 141.20

Find all results here:
–> Ladies’
–> Men’s

Also big congrats to the other swedes, Henrik Harlaut that took the gold, and to Jesper Tjäder who ended on a nice 4th place!

First of all, wooaw, the sunsets here in Chile are amazing! And every night it differs so much!

Hi snow! Hi Chile!

So good to be back skiing with this chica!

After ski up the mtn, not to bad!

The jump! They said it was around 18m’s and it was built by the Swedish legend David Ny!

The Swedish crew is ready for their first WC!

Cork 7 rev jap!

Hi El Colorado!

Another amazing sunset!

My cork 720 tail from the comp!
P: Benjamin Middleton

My switch 540 high safety from the comp!
P: Benjamin Middleton

The full results from the boys.

The full results from the girls.

Me n’ Giulia was hanging out with the cheering Chilians!
P: Benjamin Middleton

The girls podium! So happy how it turned out! Sharing podiums with friends is the best!
P: Swiss Freeski Team

And… The boss himself, Henrik Harlaut made it to the top spot as well! What a day for us Swedes!
P: FIS Freestyle

The boys n’ girls podium. Men’s: 1. Henrik Harlaut, 2. Fabian Bösch, 3. Luca Schuler. Ladies': 1. Me, 2. Giulia Tanno, 3. Melanie Kraizel
P: FIS Freestyle

After the comp we’ll stay here in Chile for another 10 days and have sessions on the jump! Here’s some shots from our sunset session on Tuesday.

Henrik with the tail

Got attacked by a fluffy one during our sunset sesh!

DCIM100GOPROJesper with a flat 5!

Stay tuned for more updates from Chile!

Take care, cheers


Roadtrip through the Norwegian Fjords

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If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I recently finished renovating a van in to a rolling home together with Elias. Luckily we both got two weeks of in August and we decided to do a roadtrip through the Norwegian Fjords.

And WOW – we definitely didn’t get disappointed. Norway is so incredible stunning! Behind every corner you turn there is an even bigger mountain, an even bluer ocean or some other breathtaking scenery that you simply can’t get enough of!  I can’t believe I’ve never been traveling there before, as it’s only a couple of hours drive from where I live in Sweden. I hope we can go back there with Buster soon :)

Our route, see the map below:
-Katterjåkk (SWE)
-Å, Lofoten
-Nesna, Helgeland

roadtrip Norge

DCIM104GOPROGOPR2420. DCIM100GOPROG0018863. 3 4 5 6-2 6 DCIM104GOPROGOPR2232.
Haukland beach – room with a view!

7-2 7-3 7 8-2
Dinner is served, taco!

Bye Haukland Beach, it was a blast!

9 10 11

12 13-2 13 14
One of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.

15 16 17 DCIM104GOPROGOPR2399.
Breakfast with a view!

Fresh made bread! Straight out of the frying pan.

Time for our first hike! Elias using a bathroom with a view

That’s where we’re going, Hermannsdalstinden (1029 m). The highest peak at Moskenesøya, Lofoten.

DCIM104GOPROGOPR2354.The trail was steep and pretty challenging… Don’t slip!



The hike took 6 hrs to the top, and another 5 hrs to get down. 11 hrs roundtrip!

At the top!

Where the fjords meet the ocean.

Can’t get enough of this landscape!

33-1 DCIM104GOPROGOPR2257.
Sunset, rosé, chocolate and good company!

Elias is the master chef, and this morning it was pancakes on the menu!



Reine, a small fishing town.

Time for our 2nd hike, this time to Kvalvika!

Thanks for a beautiful day Kvalvika.

On the way back to Buster!

Pizza on the menu!

Another beautiful sunset!

So cool to be able to cook all this kind of food on a MSR multi fuel kitchen, the pan FRY-BAKE is the shizzle!

Kayaking in Nesna down in Helgeland! Beautiful blue water!

We passed Trolltunga!

And ofc we needed to take a cheesy pic!

In Trondheim we saw this stunning church, Nidaros Cathedral.

Nidaros Cathedral. We also went inside and it was a very nice atmosphere in there. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take pictures.

Cinnamon buns! Yummy

Elias is very proud of our baking skills!

Hi Hoddevika!

Always been on my bucket list to go to Hoddevika, and finally we’re here!

We hope for some surfing in Hoddevika, but, the forecast showed no waves for the upcoming two days. Maybe next time!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2874.Quesa-daily! One quesadillas a day keeps the doctor away. Also, the quickest snack you can make  on the road, perfect for lunch.


Hi Vestkapp!

Vestkapp from a different view

If I was a sheep, I think I would live here.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR9162.Thank you for this amazing trip Elias! Two weeks with chill and adventure! Exactly what I needed before the ski season kicks of!


Next up, the first World Cup in Big Air in El Colorado, Chile! See ya down under!


Buster | The finished product

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After spending soooo many hours on a project, we’re happy to present the finished product. Here’s Buster, our rolling home!
(For more info on the build check our previous post)


AF9A2515AF9A2480AF9A2479AF9A2483AF9A2499 AF9A2503AF9A2492 AF9A2490 AF9A2489 AF9A2487AF9A2481AF9A2478 AF9A2477AF9A2482AF9A2510


Our first trip with Buster went to the Norwegian Fjords. A post will be up shortly, so stay tuned!

Emma n’ Elias

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