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Out on a small hike with

2015-01-30 16:51 | 1162 Visningar | Kommentera

Out on a small hike with Robban today. Was kind of beautiful and nice. #hellyhansen #xtravel #k2skis

Photo trip with Jesper Molin.

2015-01-29 17:39 | 1176 Visningar | Kommentera

Just got back to Engelberg a few days ago.

Me Anna Dunér and photographer Jesper Molin decided to go and try our luck in Alagna i Italy, And jupp we did find it. =) Alagna is a really nice small town surrounded by big mountains with great skiing. And the food in Italy - dont even get me started - is so nice and cheap, so we had a blast. Just 4 days with good company, nice food, wine and skiing. And i like to say thanks to and for the help.

We did get some super nice and productive days there before we went back to Engelberg and was welcomed by a heavy snowfall.And that's always nice. So got one day up at Brunni side with snow and some nice tree runs.

Yesterday it cleared up so me Oscar Hübinette and Jesper Molin we went up on the Titlis side, ended up getting some super cool photos in the end. But it is hard this time off the year, Titlis i a north side so the sun don't reach down that much, but when it did we got some bangers, and 30 min later the fog rolled in so we were quite lucky and had good timing for shore. 

Some photos from the last days.

Anna Dunér in deep snow in Alagna .

Happy girl.

Behind the scens, Anna shreding and Jesper catching the moment.

Anna is looking good with a good loking vye.

On the way back after a nice day up the mountian.

In the wine bar in Alagna they have the best beer i ever tasted. It is a must to ty out. Ask for Super. =)


Anna riding down.


Engelberg photos.

Anna shredding down the trees on Brunni.

Comming next year, keep youre eyse open fore the Ullr Colection bye Helly Hansen

Oscar Hübinette in deep powder in Engelberg

Oscar shredding down.


Take care

Out shooting bangers with

2015-01-28 21:23 | 1169 Visningar | Kommentera

Out shooting bangers with @jespermolinphotography in #Engelberg got some good stuff today. Photo @ohubinette | thanks fore a good days boy's. #hellyhansen #xtravel #k2skis

@annaduner shredding #pow

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@annaduner shredding #pow in #alagna #hellyhansen #xtravel

Hanging out in #alagna

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Hanging out in #alagna with @annaduner and @wmjsand Anna is looking out over the mountain. #xtravel #hellyhansen

Deep and lovely day up

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Deep and lovely day up the mountain, photo from my #gopro #faceshots #hellyhansen #xtravel #k2skis #najo

Pretty view from the

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Pretty view from the chairlift to day. #Engelberg #hellyhansen #xtravel #najo #k2skis

Blue sky sun and

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Blue sky sun and mountains makes a pretty nice view #spannort #mountain #Engelberg #hellyhansen #xtravel