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Back in Austria

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It was great to be at home over Christmas, I was eating so much food (and chocolate:))... Yesterday I came by plane from Helsinki to Munich and then I went by train to Mallnitz. I had plans to stay in Munich all day but there were so much people in the city so I just went to my favorite shop and after that I went to the train station. I was suprised when I arrived to Mallnitz, it was crowded, people everywhere! I realised that it was this "troll/monster- day", I don´t know the right name.

Today we went to Sportgastein for riding, the snow was great! A lot of tracks on the backside, but it was still possible to find  fresh powder. I just had so bad feeling, my trouth is hurting and my head also so I decided to just take two runs. It took me 3 hours to get back to Mallnitz today, first was the bus late, then I didn´t get in time to the train and then I was too late to the skibus here in Mallnitz. I was so bored when I was waiting in Bad Gastein so I made some sightseen, went downt to the center to check out if something had changed since last year, but I actually didn´t really find anything new. Tomorrow I gonna rest, want to get rid of this flu!  

Some cute polar bears at the airport. Don´t worry, they are not real:)

Mallnitz, yesterday night

Bad Gastein

Some ice sculptures in Bad Gastein



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22.12 Yesterday we went to Sportgastein to take a look how the snow was. Unfortunately is was windy and no powder left. Took one run in direction South and one direction North then we had enough. Long traverses and the snow was really shit, we need more snow here now! Went to Bad Gastein and took some runs there in the afternoon, the snow was better but not good. Tomorrow I gona go home to Finland for celebrating Christmas but I will be back here next week:) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!

Mallnitz Winteropening

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19.12 Today they had Mallnitz Winteropening. The lifts were open already yesterday, so we have now been riding at Ankogel for two days. Ankogel is my second "home mountain", it is a small but good skiresort in the Kärnten area. Yesterday we were just riding offpist close to the slopes, everything was untouched so it was no idea to go for a hike. But today we went to the backside, hiked up to the ridge and got a long run. The upper part was not so good but lower down it was really fun to ride. I saw one "gemsen" on the way down, the first one I have seen this season. Have to tell you that I served dinner yesterday in the hotel for the first time in my life, it could have went much better but maybe I have time to learn before this season is over.


Snow, snow and some more snow...Cloudy in the morning but sun in the afternoon

Juuso checking out the snow layers

Hiking (Mallnitz village in the background)

Gastein and Mölltaler

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17.12 This two first weeks in the Alps has been so great, powder almost every day! Can it be better?! We were yesterday riding in Bad Gastein/ Bad Hofgastein with some Danish guys and in the afternoon the boss of BG skischool joined us. We hiked for about 15 minutes and got a really good untouched run. Today we went to Mölltaler Glacier, most of the snow was windblown and it was really cold, it was about -20C degrees at the top station. Took just some few runs, the boardercross course on Mölltaler is good this season, so if somebody is looking for a boardercross course then you should check out this skiresort. 

First a short hike, then a long run:)

Cold = empty slopes

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15.12 Went yesterday by train to Bad Gastein to take a look in what conditions the slopes are. Find out that it is to early in the season to ride in Bad Gastein, better to go somewhere else in the Gastein Valley. Good that I took a look at the pistmap before I went down from Bad Gastein(Stubnerkogel) to Angertal, all the lifts you need to get back were closed! Went in the afternoon with my brother further down in the valley, found some nice spots and got some pictures. It was just so cold, I think that I haven´t been riding in the Alps when it has been this cold, but the skiresort was empty so that was good for us:) Today I went to Angertal to take some few runs, met a friend there and a Danish freelance photographer/writer, took some offpistruns in the forest with them. Had to go back early to Mallnitz today to clean some hotel rooms and prepare for the guests.


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Had a great day of snowboarding again! We were riding powder the in the Gastein Valley. The sun was shining in the afternoon but it was still really cold. There was so much untouched pow that it was almost difficult to choose what line to ride.

Me, Nicke and Harry. In the background can you see some of our lines from today


Had a great day! forest riding in deep powdersnow

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Had a so good day, so much powder together with nice friends! We found some really great forest riding in Bad Hofgastein, had so much fun. We were riding in the same forest almost the whole day, it was snowing but in the forest you could see good enough. Didn´t see any people riding offpist, just we, 4 girls and 3 boys.


Jenni riding powder in the forest

Powder, powder, I love it!

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My body is not like a robot any more, happy for that! Have had two days of good riding with friends. Yesterday we went to Flachauwinkel, got some nice powderturns:) Nice skiresort and not crowded at all! Today we decided in the morning to go and check out a skiresort named Dienten ( about 40 kilometers from Bad Gastein). Already the road up to Dienten was interesting. There was so much powdersnow in Dienten, I haven´t in a long long time been riding in this much snow, it was so nice to just cruise around in deep powder. Unfortunately it was forbidden (most of the places) to ride in the forest, there had been some really nice forest riding. One bad thing today was that it dropped oil down from the chair lift, so now is my white jacket not so nice. But more powder is waiting tomorrow:) Jiihuu...   

Some snow in Dienten today

Mölltaler Gletscher

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7.12 Went by car to Mölltaler Gletscher, it was cloudy in the morning but in the afternoon it was almost perfect! Just a few people riding and almost nobody was going offpist. The snow was good, not fluffy powder but good anyway. Made some nice runs and dropped some small cliffs. Got the possibility to try my new nitro slash board. Even if it is longer than my old boards is it easy to handle, so nice to ride offpist with this board. Managed to crash after a drop, so today I´m walking like a robot, had almost forgot how it feels to make a harder crash, my back is hurting, my neck is hurting, no snowboarding for me today and probably it gona take some days before my body is okay again. Now just waiting and waiting... 


I at Mölltaler Gletscher

Season 2010-2011

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Hello Everybody! Welcome to read my blog! I´m a Finnish female snowboarder and I gona tell you about my adventures in the mountains.

30.11 Finally we are on the way to Austria! after a great summer at home in the Finnish Archipelago. The autumn wasn´t too interesting, but always you survive some months when you know that you soon will be able to snowboard for a long time:). The first day on the trip went good, drove to Helsinki by car and went to by a roadmap. The map from last year has disappeared! On the ferry to Travemunde we went to take a look what there was, can tell you that there was one restaurant, one small shop, a cafeteria and a bar. Not too much but found the small gym they have, I went to pick up my training clothes and went to the gym. Nobody else was in the gym, okay it was so small that maximum three people could fit in at the same time, so it was maybe just good that there wasn´t anybody else. Went to the sauna and found out that there was a jacuzzi! Almost luxury, not even one person here either. Later in the evening we watched the Deeper movie, if you haven´t seen it, then you should! Great freeride movie!

     Helsinki Archipelago late in the evening

1.12 Great breakfast on the ferry, it would be nice to have this much food to choose between every morning. Some sleep again after the breakfast to get power to drive car during the night. In the afternoon I went to the gym. Had to use all the energy I had got from eating cakes, ice cream and chocolate:) Soon we will be on the road, the plan is now to go to Stubai for riding for one or two days, just to check out the place and look for some nice spots. 

3.12 Yesterday was it chaos on the highways. It had been snowing in Germany some centimeter of snow and the traffic was a mess. Finally we arrived to Munich. Went to visit a friend and continued driving later in the evening. Stayed in Innsbruck over the night and went today riding in ski center Schlick 2000. We were first driving up to the Stubai Gletcher but decided to not go riding there because of the snowfall. Schlick 2000 was a really nice, quite small ski center. The slopes were in almost perfect conditions and there was also some nice powder:). It would be nice to go there again in spring, found some nice lines. It was my first day on snow this season so I wanted just to take it easy. Anyway I managed to crash once, have still headache, but hopefully it will be better tomorrow. The forecast said sun for tomorrow so hope for a good day! Our plans are to ride somewhere in the Zillertal area.   

      We were driving on this kind of roads to avoid the traffic on the highways

      Innsbruck city

      Schlick 2000

5.6 We were yesterday riding at Hoch Zillertal and Hochfugen. Great powder snow but the slops were not good. Was hiking for one run, so good snow and pretty much untouched powder, nice! After riding we went by car to Mallnitz. We took the car train from Böckstein. We thought we gona miss the train so we were driving a little bit too fast and when we parked the car in Böckstein was the police behind us. My brother who was driving the car went to the toilet before the police came. When I noticed the police car was I just thinking, no more bills! But we were lucky; they just asked from where we came and asked for the passports. Finally we reached Mallnitz and almost everything was the same as last season here. Today, Sunday has been a chilling day, shoveling a lot of snow from the parking and in the afternoon we went to Bad Gastein to meet some friends at the afterski in Silver Bullet, Häggbloms was unfortunately closed. Today I also bought a new transceiver, had an analog one before but now I have a digital. Have to train tomorrow to learn how to use it. 

      Hoch Zillertal area

6.6 Went in the morning to Dorfgastein for riding, there was not so much snow so we took just some few runs in the slopes. Later on in the afternoon we went to Bad Hofgastein. The snow was windpacked but okay riding anyway. My neck is still hurting a little bit after my crash 3 days ago so I didn´t wanted to drop any small cliffs, took some pictures of the boys when they were dropping some cliffs. We went for some afterski in Bad Gastein and after that back home to Mallnitz.

      Some ice outside the door to our temporary accomodation place