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Scary avalance experience and Eldorado Freeride in Andorra

2012-02-27 06:10 | 2804 Visningar | Kommentera

I will this time post pictures instead of writing that much, I have so many pictures that I want to share with you guys.

We had a scary avalance experience in Austria before this trip to Andorra. One friend got into a pretty big avalance but she had luckily the ABS backpack on and nothing serious happened,  she cracked her board but didn’t hurt herself.

After some trubble we finally arrived to Andorra last Thursday. We rented a car and went to take a look in the center of Barcelona and then we drove up to Andorra. Such a nice, small country! We came here for the Eldorado Freeride competition in Vallnord.

Outside the car rental in Barcelona, more than +20!

La Rambla, market place


Semifinal face

The final face

My first helicopter ride ever! I was more excited about the flight than the riding today

From the top of the start, had to hike down some meters to get to the couloir

2nd place
Manuela Mandl took first place today!

Cold, cold and cold but fun riding!

2012-02-12 22:33 | 2901 Visningar | Kommentera

The second FWQ competition this season is over, my result could have been better but there is still time for better competition runs. This time it seems like the judges didn´t judge the crashes at all in the snowboard women category.

I hope I still will ride at least one competition run this season that I will be satisfied with, I´m still waiting for that moment when you pass the finish line with a happy smile and hands up in the air:)

The competitionface in Hochfugen

 Riders dinner

We stayed one more day in Hochfugen after the competition just to do some haiking and filming. I decided to go to Arlberg after the competition in Hochfugen. Nice to see some new places and ride with amazing snowboarders, who also knows the best spots. Arlberg has so many nice spots and amazingly long runs in the forest. It has been so cold the last days, many diesel cars doesn´t work and also the heating in the house hasn´t been working as it should, can´t remember when I have been freezing so much.

Hiking in Arlberg

We went yesterday for one competition to Montafon, my run didn´t go as planned. I had to wait more than 2 hours on the top because they suddenly changed the starting order. They said that the girls are riding first but me and another girl had to wait extremely long time to get the chance to start. I have never so far seen so much sharks in a competition face, the upper part was everything else than fun, I almost destroyed my new board on all those rocks. It was a well organized and nice competition besides this but I lost the motivation totally after waiting and waiting and my legs were so stiff. I could have done it better but learning by doing.

Today I came back to Mallnitz by train, it`s nice to be back “at home” .