Mikaela Hollsten

First place in Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in Riksgränsen 2012, what a great season ending event!

2012-05-19 09:15 | 2771 Visningar | Kommentera

Jiippii jei! I won it:) 5 days of riding in Riksgränsen is behind. We had good luck with the weather this year, there was 4 competition runs in 3 days, a lot of hiking but so much fun in the same time. My qualification run didnt go so well, but good enough to take me to the final. The first final face is called Insteget, the 2nd face is called Ravinen and finally the last day we rode Branten, the most steep face I have been riding in a competition. It looks easy when you watch it from down but when you stand at the start it feels different, I had some small butterflies in my stomach. All the final runs went pretty good, no crashes, so Im happy for that. It feels really good to start the summer season now. Riksgränsen is always a good season ending event with good atmosphere.

An article in Finnish about me and my brother: www.relaa.com/sisalto/artikkelit/suomalaislaskijat-menestyivät-hienosti-riksgränsenin-pm-kisoissa

Big thanks to all my friends and my sponsors: Nitro, POC (jk-shop.fi), Aktia, Nyman LKV


Season ending in Teijo but still some few days of riding in Riksgränsen

2012-05-06 21:27 | 2814 Visningar | Kommentera

I got 3 rd place in FWQ 4* in Röldal, had a fluent run. The snow conditions were almost perfect for competition, I was surprised how good it actually was, I expected much harder snow, but luckily we had some sun.

It was of course party after the pricegiving and we slept pretty long the next morning. We started to drive to Oslo in the afternoon, we slept at some friends place there and then we did some sighseeing in Monday morning. We walked to the Vigeland Park and took a lot of typical tourist pictures:) I drove Irian to the airport in the afternoon and then I drove alone to Kapellskär. I slept in the car over the night and took the ferry to Naantali in the morning. It felt good to be back home, more than 3000 km of driving from Mallnitz. Im proud of my old Opel Tigra, it took me all the way to and from Austria.

I started to work in the garden shop the day after I came home.

Last weekend there was season ending event in my local skiresort Meri-Teijo. I drove there after work to take a look, it was nice to see some snow still here at home.

Now some few days of work before the last comp. this season. I will go to Riksgränsen upcoming weekend.

From the Vigeland Park in Oslo

Looks like a cherry tree

Season ending and halfpipe funeral in Teijo(they will take the halfpipe away)