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Couloirs and Christmas market

2012-12-22 21:42 | 2455 Visningar | Kommentera

It has been some relaxed days now, the weather has not been so perfect all the time but the snow is still great, especially above the tree level. I just hope it will be minus degrees all the way to the valley the upcoming days. We have done some cruising runs but also some few steeper couloir-runs. I was really scared before the first run two days ago. I don’t know the areas here yet and I feel more unsafe when I´m riding here compared to how I felt in Mallnitz, where I have been the last winter seasons. This feeling will probably change but at the moment it feels like this.

We went to Lindau for Chrismas market yesterday. The old town on the island in Lindau is really nice. You can see some photos from there below.  

My new Nitro boards, I like the color of the bindings, a lot! It will be a good season with purple bindings:) 

One couloir from two days ago

A beautiful afternoon run

Old town of Lindau

Two beautiful trees in Lindau


Christmas market

From today

Snow-Sun-Snow- that is how it should be!

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It has been pretty much perfect days here so far, today I decided to stay in the apartment and do some schoolwork, it is maybe good for the body to rest for one day even if I would prefer to go riding today also. We had a couple of days with sun but now it is snowing again!


Its not always easy to find the right car in the morning:)

Beautiful weather, beatiful landscape


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Back in Austria and it is snowing! a Lot!

2012-12-10 18:58 | 2518 Visningar | Kommentera

It is nice to be here in Arlberg now after 29h on ferry and 1200 km of driving. I have already had time for some amazing powder runs together with really good riders. The time has just been running away since I arrived here 5 days ago and it will probably continue like this. There was about 40 cm of snow on the roof of my car this morning so it took a while to clean the car and it is still snowing with the same speed. It looks like it will be a good season! 

Finnlady took me from Helsinki to Travemunde, I got sea-sick for the first time in my life, I have not been on the sea in so high waves before I think

Schildkröte is my mapreader and help

Believe it or not but here is snow up till your shoulders at least, 50 m of hiking took us about 20 min

Its white and white and white


Ou yea! The trip will begin!

2012-12-03 11:33 | 2471 Visningar | Kommentera

Finally time to go back to the Alps! My trip will start from Kimito, then Helsinki-Travemunde-Arlberg and the final destination is Langen in Austria. It will take me about 45 h to get there by car, my small yellow Tigra is fullpacked! there is at least new record of food and chocolate in that car now, I will not come home to Finland over Christmas so thats a reason why. I already got a phonecall that the ferry from Helsinki is late but I hope the rest of the trip will go as planned! See you!