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2013-03-18 10:05 | 2755 Visningar | Kommentera

Finally it feels like I start to understand what kind of ridingstyle the judges are looking for at competitions this year. 2 times 3 rd place in a week, first in Chandolin and now in Nendaz. It feels a little bit sad that all 4 stars competitions are already over, its every year more or less the same for me, it takes time before I find the fluidity and every season they change the judgingsystem.

This season has went so extremly fast, can´t belive it! We are just waiting for more snow here in Arlberg at the moment, it has not been so good snow conditions in a while but still I enjoy the time here! I can do schoolwork when the weather is bad. So bad weather is actually good for me, otherwise I would not get almost anything done.

The comp. face in Chandolin, nice face but not so good organized competition this year, a lot of problems up at start, hopefully it works better next year!

The snow in the final face in Nendaz was really good, much better than expected. Here is my line from Saturday.

Andorra and Arlberg

2013-03-02 23:51 | 2772 Visningar | Kommentera

Me and some friends went to Andorra to ride a qualifier competition last week, it turned out to be a shorter trip than planned for me, I decided to fly back earlier to do some filming and enjoy the good snow back home in Arlberg. The snow was not that good in Vallnord where they arranged the competition, it was extremely windy, they had to close half of the face because it was too dangerous to hike up.

It was anyway a nice short trip to Andorra, my run went pretty okay and i got 4th. I really like that country, the houses are nice and the nature is beatiful, I can recommend you to go there if you have not been there already. One problem during the trip was my stomach, it didnt like Spain or Andorra:). So Im happy to be back in Arlberg, now I dont need to think about what I drink or eat.

We have been splitboarding in the last days here in Arlberg, blue sky and almost no wind, so good conditions for touring. Tomorrow some more hiking!

Spain, on the way to Andorra

The competition face

From the hike yesterday

Lunch time

Finally time for a nice run down, after a pretty steep hike