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From summer to winter in 29 h

2013-07-25 11:35 | 2669 Visningar | Kommentera

Finland- Hong Kong- New Zealand

I´m travelling again! I have been home in Finland for some weeks but now I will stay for a while in New Zealand. I´m happy to be away, it was a lot of practical problems back home and now I have something else to think about, so it feels better. Actually I was not so motivated to go travelling again because there were still paperwork to do at home but I had the feeling that it is a good choice to follow my plan.

I went from Helsinki to Hong Kong and from there to Auckland, where I had a short stop before I arrived to Christchurch. We had booked a camper van for travelling around in New Zealand. The first night we stayed in Christchurch. Some people told us that it is a big risk that we get parking tickets if we don´t stay at a camping site over the night. The only camping site nearby the town that we could find was too expensive so we decided to find another solution. We drove in on a small street and stopped when we saw a woman walking next to the street. We were really lucky and she invited us to stay at her backyard. She invited us for tea in the evening and breakfast in the morning. We went for some shopping the next morning, we had to buy food, phone cards and an internetstick. We didn’t have time for sightseeing in Christchurch because we had to be at Roundhill, next to Lake Tekapo, before 4p.m. Two weeks of work as ski/snowboard instructors were waiting for us there.

We got to know many nice and friendly people at Roundhill. We just have some few more days of work now before the NZ exploring trip will continue. The plan is to go hiking and riding, do some wwoofing(work for some few h per day and get food and accommodation in exchange) and then I will also do some studies over internet. I think here will be more than enough to do!

Hong Kong


At Lake Tekapo

The van

It is good to go early to work, what a beautiful morning!