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On the road again

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Greymouth- Christchurch- North Island

It is going better again! We have been able to travel around for some days again and we have experienced and seen volcanoes, hot pools, seals, crater lakes and a lot more. Watch my photos below!


On the way to Arthurs Pass                      Christchurch, Sumner                            The broken man


                                 Christchurch city, container village (built up after the earthquake)       Botanical garden i Christchurch



Baby seals, North of Kaikoura                  Me with the baby seals in the background, amazing place      On the way to Picton

Irian found a tigre                                                                                  Winter garden in Wanganui

Wanganui                                                                                            Mt. Ruapehu

  Tongariro National Park                                                                         The red creater, it took me 3 h to reach this place

Tongariro National Park







South Coast, West Coast, Arthurs Pass and Greymouth

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South coast – West coast - Arthur´s Pass - Greymouth

New Zealand has amazing landscapes and here I can show you some photos from Tuatapere and from the most South point on the South Island. After a pretty long drive around the South Coast we went up to Wanaka again for a day of skiing at Cardrona and continued our trip via the West Coast up to Arthur´s Pass and to Craigiburn for taking part in a freeride competition. The competition went good, so this year´s competition season started with a first place. Then started the real problems; in Methven I was standing at the walking street meanwhile they cleaned the roads with a machine. Something went in to my eye and I could not keep it open anymore. After some hours in hospital they got the small black piece out of my eye and it was fine again. The day after our rental car stopped working, but after a visit in Christchurch we got another car. We didn´t make it up to Temple Basin as planned that day but we said at least we are not hurt. It was the first day in 6 weeks with new snow and sun so it felt sad to not be able to go riding. On Friday morning we hiked up to Temple Basin but the day ended up bad again. Irian had a crash on an almost flat part and ended up with a broken spine and shoulder blade. At the moment we spend the time in the hospital in Greymouth, what we do next is a question mark still, we have to make new plans.



Its not easy to be a tree, specially not if the ocean is your neighbour

                                                                                                                        Slope is open:)

Playing golf, Castle Hill

Wiev from skicenter Mt. Olympus