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Nelson- West Coast-Christchurch and home

2013-10-14 22:12 | 2767 Visningar | Kommentera

Hello again!

 The time has been flying away again as usual. I will write some few words about the last part of our NZ trip. We did crazy kayaking in the Tasman Bay on the South Island. We went sea kayaking for 2 days and slept in our tent for one night. The second day we decided to paddle to the next bay and everything went fine. On the way back one kayak guide paddled to us to tell us to hurry up or take the taxiboat back to the kayak rental, a storm was coming. We decided to paddle but the waves were for me really big, I was totally focused on the paddling and got irritated when my paddling partner(who is kayak instructor) started to talk about other things, he was relaxed as usually. I thought we survived without problems but I didnt expect that we still had to surf with the kayak to get to the beach, we were sideways with the two persons kayak in the waves but somehow we managed to not flip around. I would not do the same kind of trip again but it was an interesting experince.

After the kayak adventure we drow to the West Coast and did some hiking in the forest. Amazing beatiful places on the West Coast! We also went for a couple of days to the Fox village. A friend we got to know in NZ is working as a guide and he showed us around. We did ice climbing and got to see beatiful ice caves. The last day on our adventure trip we even got a flight nearby the Fox glacier.

Then it was time to drive back to Christchurch and leave back our Hippie camper van and say good bye to a wonderful country! Thanks to all of you who made the trip, hope to see you again soon! 

Some few things I learned for next trip to NZ:

- You need to plan with the weather but bring your sunglasses even when it looks like it will be a cloudy day

- Bring crampons

- Don´t try to see everything, take your time insted and enjoy