Mikaela Hollsten

First competition

2015-01-20 19:16 | 2698 Visningar | Kommentera

I did ride a competition last weekend in Verbier but I didn´t have a good feeling. I actually felt for staying in Arlberg because I knew the snow was on the way. The competition face in Verbier was full of rocks and the organizers could have done a better job. My run didn´t go as planned and I felt good about driving back to Austria and be able to ride powder here with good and motivated friends.

After the competition in Verbier we went for some turist offpist runs; peaceful moment

Bec des Rosses looks like this at the moment

The next comp. will be already this weekend in Hochfugen, I hope I learned something from Verbier because Hochfugen will be an important competition this season. I will soon let you know how the comp. in Hochfugen went but before that we have time for interesting riding.

Girls day out; me and Caroline went riding this nice couloir on Monday morning. I have been looking at it many times but on Monday morning I felt that I really want to ride it now. The inrun was not so easy but the snow in the couloir was good.

Axamer Lizum

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My plan for this weekend was to ride the first 3* Freeride World Qualifier competition this season. The weather conditions were not with us and they had to cancel the competition. It did rain during the night before the competition and they didn´t have a good snow base. Plus points to the competition organizers, they tried their best and we will get the entry fee back. I did hike the comptition face after the event this weekend got cancelled and there were a lot of sharp stones and really hard wind on the top. But it was nice the see the freeride family again.

The competition face

We went to an interesting restaurant in Axams the day before they planned to have the competition

Sometimes it is good to forget

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Every season I forget how far it is to drive from Finland to Austria. This year I decided to take the ferry from Turku to Stockholm and then I went from South Sweden, Trelleborg to Sassnitz in Germany. I have never been to Sassnitz before so it was interesting, it didnt feel like I was in Germany, bad roads, old and many empty houses. Luckily the trip to Austria went good but 15h on ferries and almost 2000 km on the road feels far when you drive alone, at least this time when it was snowing for the last 600 kilometers I was driving.

On the way to Sassnitz


North East Germany


At some moments people were driving around 50 km/h on the highway because of heavy snowfall


It was good timing to arrive in Austria, we got powder from the first day and more is on the way! 

Not too bad view from the house