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What a season!

2015-03-24 21:51 | 3042 Visningar | Kommentera

What a season!

First I made it in to the Freeride World Tour and then I could celebrate another win in Obergurgl 4* FWQ last weekend. This competition season has went better than I could imagine.

I had no pressure on before the last 4* comp. for the season. I decided to do my run as a training run. I like steep faces and that is what we got to ride in Obergurgl. This time it didnt take my long to decide my line but of course I did spend time to check it out properly. I had no problem finding my way down and I could enjoy a lot of sluff :). I actually didnt feel nervous before my run, I knew that I could do it.

The competiton face in Obergurgl. You can find video of my run on Youtube, just write: Open Faces 4*FWQ Obergurgl 2015 - BIB 16


...and a beautiful couloir, marked with red, that I rode today. It is one of the most beautiful couloirs I have been riding. I did watch it last week but today was the day for hiking and riding.


Freeride World Tour- Here we go

2015-03-15 19:06 | 3047 Visningar | Kommentera

I reached a dream this weekend in Nendaz in Switzerland. Today, one day after the finals, I slowly start to realise that I actually made it in to the Freeride World Tour 2015-2016. It has been a dream for years and now I reached it. After 3 wins in 4* qualifier competitions it is clear that I will take the spot. There is still one 4* competition that counts for this season in Obergurgl in Austria and I will take part in that but now I can relax and take that competition as training for next year.

Now starts a new and interesting challenge, there is a lot of Finnish sisu in me and I will do my best and enjoy every day on snow. Thanks to everybody who has helped me on the way here, hopefully you will be there also in the future. And thanks to Nitro and to my local sponsors, Aktia, Magnus Nyman LKV, LokalTapiola, Kimito Telefon, Wuorio Ab, Annonsbladet, Kasnäs and JK-shop.



The final venue in Nendaz



We are getting good on one thing this season at least- WAITING

2015-03-02 18:05 | 2917 Visningar | Kommentera

Last Thursday I left the good snow in Arlberg, early in the morning, 12 hours later we arrived in Jasna in Slovakia. The weather forecast for the upcoming days were unstable as usually in Jasna. The plan was to ride the third last 4* event for this season but only 36 riders were able to ride before the fog arrived. None of the girls did ride the competition and the only category were they had more than 2/3 down in the end of the day was snowboard men. The plan was to continue the comp. the next day and we woke up before 6 a.m. to be ready at the top 8.a.m. but the weather window that was expected for the morning didnt show up. Once again we spent some hours in the restaurant up on top but unfortunately the comp. could not run. It is not the first comp. this year that is cancelled or postponed, it has not been a good year for contest riding. 2000km of driving for seeing fog feels far but nobody can change the weather. The organizers did a good job and tried their best.

Create your own waiting style!

Now it is snowing a lot so Im looking forward to powder runs, we got to track some powder already today. The busy high season is over and it is time to enjoy the powder again.