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Most extreme place I have been living at

2015-06-02 13:22 | 2707 Visningar | Kommentera

1850 m above sea level, hard wind, a lot of snow, isolated; that is my life at the moment. It doesnt feel as June. 65 km took me 3 hours one day when I had to get down to the valley. First I had to walk 5 km to the car, two times I didnt know if I was standing on the road or beside the road, I had snow up to my hip, then I had to shovel the snow of the road pretty often for the next 3 kilometers. I felt so unmotivated after that day, to get back and forward took me the whole day. Now I just wait for summer or at least no wind so I can use the car when I want. At the moment it is not possible to drive up and down here with a normal car. 

They are so cute...

Training season has started but today we have hard wind, 25 m/s again! (Edit Matti Möttönen)

I will live and work at Galdhöpiggen summer ski resort until late autumn, in the café. Im looking forward to the main tourist season and better weather. I have done some few short hikes so far, it takes less than 2 hours to splitboard up to the highest peak of Norway from the bottom of the skiresort. Its a pretty easy hike and almost no snow has been melting so far, so it is not too dangerous to cross the glacier. 

I did an after work hike up to Galdhöpiggen one day last week, the wiev at the top was not the best. There will be a mini kiosk at the peak in summertime.

Bad weather on the way

My home for a while

He was also watching the norwegians hiking up to Galdhöpiggen, 17 th of May, the national day

In the café we bake cinnamon buns and vanilla buns every morning and cook food for the workers at the ski resort. I will learn a lot here but I could not imagine to live my whole life up here, so far from everything. I have seen many places in the last years but this is somehow the most extreme place to live, at least for me. Here is beautiful nature, snow as I like but I miss many things although Im used to adjust myself to the surrounding. At the moment Im looking forward to a lot of tourists, no wind and more work.