Mikaela Hollsten

Under zero

2015-07-10 22:17 | 2871 Visningar | Kommentera

 It is July and it´s cold! Did not expect that here will be minus degrees in July, it´s such a big temperature difference between the valley and up at the glacier. I have been working a lot the last days, in the café during the day and often in the restaurant as a weitress in the evening. Sometimes I miss the summer and sometimes I wish I would be home but I like the work here, a lot of responsibility and I get to bake and cook food every day at work. I will be able to make tasty cinnamon buns after this season, that I can promise you :)



Beautiful Dönfoss camping

First swimming - then longboarding 

The park at Galdhöpiggen summer ski center 

After work evening session

Thank you Bergans of Norway for all the nice clothes!

I had a day off and decided to drive to Geiranger and Stryn

Luidji is travelling with me this summer, he still has his winter onepice on



Nice place to wake up in the morning

 On the way from Stryn glacier