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Snow every third morning

2015-08-03 20:37 | 2561 Visningar | Kommentera

It feels like it is snowing at least two times a week, I didnt expect that in July and beginning of August. It is not unusual this summer to wake up and see fresh snow outside the window, its not a lot of snow but it is enough to cover the ground. 

I have not been riding much when I have been here in Norway, unfortunately less than expected. The weather is hard to predict and I have been working six days a week. But I have time to do some easy hikes in the evenings.

I will fly home this weekend for a wedding, really looking forward to meet the people at home. I feel sometimes isolated when I live up here in the mountains, its peaceful and good in one way but it is also hard. I have learned more than ever about food and things that interest me but I also miss things. Many workers stay only for a few weeks, when you get to know somebody they leave again, thats a bit sad. I would not work here a full season again, at least not six days a week but I could think about staying a shorter time. It feels like once in a lifetime experience to live up here for the whole season. May was extreme, now it is at least possible to drive down to the village when you have time.

I usually bring the camera when I go hiking, so here you can watch some photos. 


A splitboard tour before work, enjoying lunch

A lot of tourists are hiking up, together with guides, to Galdhöpiggen. Its busy a sunny day in July.

Next to the house where I stay

Got visistors from Finland, we went up to Galdhöpiggen



Its hard to live up here, also for flowers :)


Found this nice place one day when I did a splitboard and hiking tour

First splitbaording then hiking

A part of the road down to the valley