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A while ago

2015-09-13 16:47 | 2390 Visningar | Kommentera

Hello again!

I have not been writing in a while but I can tell you that Im still in Norway. I was home for a beautiful wedding a month ago and soon I will leave this windy and extreme place.

I have not seen much forest this summer but I will take part in an orienteering competition in less than 2 weeks. Im really not prepared but I guess I still remember how to read the compass and the map. Looking forward to see the green forest, up here everything is gray and white.

It has been a good experience to live here for a few months but I could not imagine living here the rest of my life. I hope I get to explore more of Norway next year. I have a big project for next year but I will let you know about that later, I already got one friend talked round to join me on new adventures. 

 Almost home

 At home

 Went to pick some flowers in the morning before the wedding

 Beautiful morning. Leaving back to Norway again.

 A morning in late August

 I was snowboarding down the hill when I met this reindeer friend

Went for a short hike. Dinner time, I cant complain about the view.

 Glittertind, 2nd highest peak in Norway in the background


 And some flowers...

 Beautiful blue colour

Funny ones