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Searching for snow

2015-12-17 22:37 | 2604 Visningar | Kommentera

My plan was to ride a few days in Austria and then stay in Italy in Monterosa for a couple of weeks. But after 3 days in Italy I realised that the snowconditions will not get better in a while so I decided to drive North again. It has been a lot of driving the last weeks but I need to do someting to my powder fever.

I went first a couple of days to Engelberg and then back to beautiful Arlberg. We had good luck and found some untracked couloirs in St. Anton am Arlberg. The base is pretty good in Arlberg but you still hit sharks when you go offpist. Lets hope for more snow really soon! Looking forward to deep powder runs and to the competition season.


Riding Swiss powder togehter with Lotten, Daniel and Mathilda

Lotten is hiking up

St. Anton am Arlberg

Dennis Krueger enjoy the snow in St. Anton


First hike to Maroi this winter; beautiful evening light

Nice clouds at St. Anton


I wish you all a peaceful Christmas! I will spend my Christmas back home, looking forward to eat good food, chocolate, do some work in the flowershop and meet all the people back home.


Soon it starts

2015-12-07 21:57 | 2447 Visningar | Kommentera

Finally back on snow, or yea here is some artficial snow in Monterosa in Italy at the moment but I it will get better. I have never been in the Alps this time of the year with so less snow. I stayed a few days in Austria on my way and had some good days there. We did one interesting tour in Kaunertal as well, my first real hike this season and I could feel it in my legs. It always take a couple of days to get used to snowboarding again although I only had a break for a couple of months. I usually feel like a beginner the first day on snow but now I start to get the feeling for snowboarding again. Lets hope for more snow now!

Love my new Bergans clothes


 The Arlberg boys




 Beautiful place, weather and perfect company