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Whales, dolphins and seelions, Freeride World Tour, Alaska

2016-03-24 02:30 | 4428 Visningar | Kommentera

I have not been writing in a while because there has not been much time for anything else than competitions and planning the next trips. I have never been travelling as much as this winter, I get to see a lot but it is also hard for the body sometimes, many nights with too less sleep, a lot of driving and waiting for either this or that and a serach for the cheapest option. But I would for sure not want to change my way of living, you only live ones and I learn a lot while travelling, this is the way of life I want to live at the moment. If it was not for my biggest passion, snowboarding, I would probably live a totally different life right now. But one thing takes you to another, if you want it!

I did qualify for the 4th FWT stop so thats the reason why I´m in Alaska, USA right now. To get to ride in Alaska has been a dream for many years and it is an experince to never forget. I also get to ride the FWT next season when I did qualify for Alaska.


On the ferry from Juneau to Haines





Haines is far from any bigger city, the wilderness is just around the corner. It is a special place but it would not be a place for me to live, it is too isolated. But the people here are really friendly and supportive, it is easy to get in contact with the local people.




One of the down days, we went for a walk in the Alaskan forest


Gas station

I have got to do heliskiing a couple of times in the last week. First time we went up we got to ride two really nice and interesting lines, we had a good guide and it was for sure worth the money. But yesterday when we went for heliskiing we got a bad guide who only took us to already tracked and flat slopes and it was a disaster. Of course the view is beautiful up here but if you pay a lot you also want some riding. I learned something from yesterday; take care about getting a good guide and ask before you go up what they plan to ride.


The river meet the ocean

The first day when we went up my legs were shaking, he brought us up to a pretty steep and nice face right away. It takes a while to get used to the snow and terrain here but here are so many possibilities. I wish I can come back next year to Haines for the competition with more expirience and more self confidence.


My first run in Alaska started from the peak in the clouds


Beautiful landscape

The competition face had really good snow, better than expected. My biggest misstake was that I didnt try to go for a more difficult line and everything was smaller than I thought. I had got a bit the wrong picture of the face in my head before the competition. People said that everything looks smaller than you think and I did listen too much to that.


School bus to the heli base, 6 a.m. in the morning


Competition venue

I did not make the cut to Verbier this year but there will be a new chance next season. At the moment Im looking forward to summer. I have not had real summer in more than a year so it will be nice to spend the summer down in a valley in Norway this year. Im also looking forward to see my friends back home. Travelling is nice but to stay at one place for a longer time is easy and relaxing and I feel that I need that in between. I still dont know where I want to live in the future but luckily I dont have to make that decision right now.


Whats up?, Im ready to drive, just jump in!