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FWT season is done and touring season is about to start!

2016-04-13 00:14 | 4455 Visningar | Kommentera

Monterosa in Italy didnt really get snow this season so it feels like I have only been driving around. I have seen many new places but it has also been stressful to not really have a good base. It is hard to relax when you all the time have to plan where to go next and how to do it and many FWQ competitions got cancelled this year. I have not spent only one night sleeping in the car! For me it has been a strange season and I hope next season will be better. I will try to go back to my favorite place in Austria next winter. I feel home in Austria but I also feel home in Norway where I will work this summer. But of course the real home is where the family and old friends are. The good thing with the real home is that not much change there, you leave it for a while and it is more or less the same when you get back.

In the last days I have been travelling with a good friend. We started to compete in freeriding about the same time and next year we will both be on the Freeride World Tour! We many times talked about that it would be cool if we could ride FWT together and now it will happen. 

After a riding day in Hochfugen. Summer in the valley.

We have been to Hochfuegen and to Stubai gletcher in the last days. We didnt get good weather in Hochfugen but we got better riding that expected. The slopes are still in really good condition and we even found fun forest riding! At Stubai gletcher we got bluebird and a bit of April powder! We also found some interesting lines that we would like to ride next season. 


Bad weather day program in Zillertal


Stubai glacier

Sunday turn in springsnow

You can check out the homepage of Stubaier Gletcher here: www.stubaier-gletcher.com/ 

Now it is soon time to drive to Röldal for the season ending event or actually Röldal Freeride is the first event on the qualifier tour 2017. Im looking forward to go home for a while after Röldal.