Mikaela Hollsten

4000 km

2016-05-13 16:02 | 5628 Visningar | Kommentera

After a long drive with start in Italy I went to Switzerland - Austria - Germany - the Neatherlands - Germany - Denmark - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Sweden - Norway. I now enjoy staying at one place for a longer period. I will work in Stryn in Norway this summer. It´s located in a beautiful valley not too far from Aalesund. Norway is one of my favorite countries, the nature is so beautiful, almost the same beautiful as New Zeeland. I feel home in Norway but I still dont know where I want to live in the future. With some things Norway is still behind some other European countries but the nature here is just amazing.

My winter was not the best I have had, I did not get the same good feeling as I had last year and the days I stayed in Italy were not that good. No snow in Monterosa and it is far from other places and bad transport connections made it complicated to travel to the competitions. For people who dont have the need of traveling during their trip and who have organized transfers and who like to stay on the slopes I can recommend that place but it is not a place for me.

Im already now looking forward to next winter and I learned from my mistakes this season. Now I get the chance to spend the summer down in a beautiful valley and here is also a summer ski resort nearby but I will unfortunately not have that much free time beside work.

On the way to Stryn


I felt home when I passed this village on the way to my new working place. This is the village, Lom, nearby the place where I was working last year. In this village they have a good bakery.


From summer to winter and back to summer in the valley


About 30 km before Stryn village




Nice biking trail. I guess I will use mums old grandma bike a lot this summer.