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Hard work but a lot of fun

2016-06-30 19:21 | 5301 Visningar | Kommentera

It has not been an easy time here in Stryn. During the first month I had to move 7 times. As I before arrivel got the information and the impression that everything concerning work and living is well organized I tought it will be an easy summer but that was not the fact. Anyway a friend helped me to find a place to live and now all is good but I almost lost my motivation, I had enough of moving around when I arrived here and I was really looking forward to stay at one place and not have to pack and unpack my things all the time.

In the last weeks I have spent every day off from work at Stryn Summerskicenter. It has been such a fun season up there! My winter season was not great but the summerseason on snow turned out to be really nice. And the last 2 days we have been filming for Finnish YLE. Unfortunately the season turned out to be really short. Yesterday was the last day this season for Stryn summerski but Im already looking forward to next season!

Now I will have time to do something else than snowboarding :) Today I started the moning with baking cinnemon rolls and I will have time to enjoy cooking in a good kitchen. A normal kitchen feels luxuary after moving around and not having the possibility to cook healty and tasty food.

I guess you understand why I like Stryn when you watch some of the photos.


End of May, nearby Stryn Summerski


Strynefestivalen, steep riding and rapelling course. Photo: Jakob Lynge

Photo: Jakob Lynge



Folven camping during Strynefestivalen; friends, food, snowboarding, sun, music, dancing...


Touring nearby Stryn winterski







65 km of biking and a cakestop in between










From yesterday; I love the road to Stryn summerski.

Thank you all, new and old friends at Stryn Summerski for a nice season!