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Slowly progressing

2018-02-17 17:19 | 1926 Visningar | Kommentera

Hey there again!

I start to finally feel fit after I did get a flu more than a month ago. Im glad that I start to feel stronger again, physically and mentally. I have the feeling that the season just started but when I look in the calender I realise that half of the season is already over!

The first competitions this season did not go as planned, my head was just not there so Im disappointed on myself. The competition last weekend in Hochfugen in Austria went okay, I was happy with my line but I had some problems with sluff. Sluff is really something I would like to learn to handle better. I did end up 3rd anyway. Upcoming week I will go to Slovakia for another competition, my goal there is to find and ride a line that Im happy and satisfied with.


Hochfugen Big Mountain last week. 1st Maria Kuzma 2nd Perrotin Tiphanie 3rd me

This season we have had all kind of weather and snow here in Arlberg. Its changing from day to day. Earlier this week we had really cold weather for a couple of days and today it is raining down in the valley. I wonder how the winterseasons will look like in just 10 or 20 years!



Meanwhile we were waiting for the chairlifts to open yesterday we did build this man :)


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