Mikaela Hollsten

Freeride World Tour in a week

Freeride World Tour starts in about a week and I really don´t feel prepared! Almost nothing has went as planned since I arrived to the Alps and with a limited budget it is hard to change the plans completely. My plan was to stay more or less the whole pre season in Monterosa in Italy but as most of you already know, here has been almost no snow. It doesnt look like the freeride season in Monterosa will start in a while. Here are nice slopes and it is a really family friendly resort but we will have to wait for the good freeriding here until late this season. The snow that we have got in Champoluc make the landscape look beautiful but under the snow are too many hidden stones.

Champoluc in the evning

I will start the comp. season in Verbier this weekend. In Verbier they have the opposite problem compared with Monterosa Ski right now. It is high avalanche danger after big snowfalls in the last days, so lets see if there will be a competition, at least Im looking forward to ride powder without beeing scared of hitting something in every turn. I hope I will get the good riding feeling I had last season back in Verbier.

They had to close the lift due to hard wind and the bus was late so we pushed ourselves back to Champoluc from the neighbour village. 

First sunny day in Monterosa ski since I got back here. Beautiful landscape.

For all you who are interested in following the FWT competition in Andorra I will keep you upated on my Facebook page. The competition will be 23 rd of January in Vallnord if the weather is good.

My goal. My first goal and big dream is to get a starting place in Alaska.