Mikaela Hollsten

My first Freeride World Tour competition!

Not much has went as planned this season, I have felt kind of lost. It feels like I have been searching for snow almost all the time, I have been driving a lot and got disappointed on small things many times and I still have the same strange, not feeling home feeling.

Anyway, one and a half week ago I took part in the 3* competition in Verbier. My idea was to get back the good competition feeling I had last year. That did not go as planned, I crashed and broke my snowboard when I hit a stone.



Beautiful morning in Verbier; day before competition


Right after Verbier I had a flight to Barcelona. I met Swedish skier Lotten Rapp at the airport in Barcelona and we did rent a car and drow to Andorra. We decided to travel to Andorra two days before the official arrival day just to get jused to the snow and have time to relax before the competition.



On the way to Andorra


Im happy that we travelled there a couple of days earlier because they decided to have the comp. earlier than expected because of raising temperature. On competition day we had to take the lift up when it still was dark, the weather forecast said it will be cloudy in the afternoon and nobody wants to ride a competition in flatlight.



Finnish area in Vallnord, Andorra. A part of the competition face in the background.


This time I had problems to decide my line and I could feel that in the beginning of my run. I felt more nervous than usually before a competition as well. The riding in itself felt good all the way from start to finish but I feel that I need to get more time in the offpist. I was the last snowboarder to start and I didnt know how the other girls had been riding. It was a nice suprise to hear the result when I got to finish. I ended up 3rd this time and can not be anything else than happy with that result. One of my goals this season was to stand at least once on the podium and to manage that in the first FWT comp. feels good. My next goal is to qualify for the 4th stop in Alaska in March. The top 5 women snowboarders will qualify to Alaska. The 2 best results after the first 3 tour stops will tell who get a starting place in Haines.



FWT prizegiving


Im now sitting at the airport in Barcelona with a planeticket to Basel but there are my plans ending. I still dont know if they can have the 4* qualifier comp. in Hochfugen, Austria or not.

At the moment I feel tired, to share room with other people is not always easy and relaxing. Lets see what happens next...