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Spring times Swiss val ferret & Chamonix

2017-05-08 20:05 | 4210 Visningar | Kommentera

Last couple of skitours. I have been to the Swiss side of the mont blanc massive to see whats going on over there=).

Reading about a few areas and also about a winter room, me and Vee headed there with quite uncertain knowledge about the weather, but I was sure mixed weather conditons would give a few weather windows:)

Weather came in quick and soon it was hard to see anything (typical) =). Using GPS we were able to find the winter room and all we hoped for was that it would clear up for next day!

Waking up next day to snow storm and thick fog, we took it easy in the morning to see if it would clear up. When it looked a litle bit better we went outside. Here up on Pointe du Orny trying to navigate into he North facing couloirs, without luck. Could not see anything on the other side. Photo: Vee

We skied down the SE face of the mountain! It seemed to be better visibility on that side of the glacier.

Photo: Vee

We headed over to the other side of the glacier and saw the copt couloir of aiguilles dorees which looked to be in good condition! Photo: Vee

 Cold deep snow in this N-facing couloir!

 White room on the steeps! Photo: Vee

Nice run-out in this line. Not the biggest couloir but still good fun! Photo: Vee

Getting back to the refuge after skiing! Moving in these surroundings on the Swiss side of the massive and exploring new terrain is something I want to do again!

We also did this line from Pointe D orny starting from the road. First part walking to get to the snow limit and from there skinning.

Cold snow after a long time without any snowfall. But a little bit to long approach for one couloir. Starting at 1500m going to 3200+ m. It is on the other hand a good spot for camping and skiing, so will come back for sure!

Vee snowboarding! Tricky snow conditions in the bottom.


Next one up is a Classic line in Chamonix. The Spencer couloir. Starting from Plan D Aiguille you climb up the nantillon glacier and up in the couloir coming down from Aiguille de blatiere.

Not bad! A bit of wind had been on this line the day before but I still tought it was all good!

Ferran came with me and enjoyed the riding! Here coming down the nantillon glacier!

Ferran on the steeper part of Nantillon glacier! Awsome day and nice conditions up here today! One of the more fun lines!

Next one, I met up with Ferran to do the N face of Buet. Long approach with lifts closed, starting from the buet town we walked up the forrest in shoes and later put our skis on. Here Approaching the face Photo: Ferran.

Not much pictures from this trip. Bad weather arrived with snowfall and wind. We decided to hurry down. Fun day with good snow conditions. Hard work and nice coffee when we got back!


Been rainy in town for a while and two days without skiing is two to much, so got really keen to head up skiing more! Waking up at 7 in the morning weather looked bad with rain and fog. I packed everything ready and headed up as soon as webcams looked good up Aiguille du midi and went for glacier Rond! Vee joined aswell and had heaps of fun!



Vee coming down the front face, sadly it slid just before but good grippy snow stayed on the face with a few ice patches at top, it was good conditions we tought!

Exit couloir was good until the bottom so much fun on this line! One of my favorits!

Photo: Vee


Vee coming down Exit couloir! Lucky to have such a nice day with 25 procent sunshine =). Skiing is not finished yet still alot to do and better conditions now than its been for the whole winter :).

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