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    2011/2012 Ninthward graphics

  2. SigTheShocker

    Sig Tveit Promo

  3. SigTheShocker

    Sig Tveit - JOSS Entry (Team Norway)

    JOSS entryen min til FriFlyt's film konkuransse for å på plass på Team Norway: http://www.vimeo.com/9674801 Wish me luck! Sig
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    Sig Tveit prøver å bli god...

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    Sig Tveit - King Of Style entry, 2009

    Rösta 5 stjerner så jag kann åka till Stockholm ock bätra min svenksa... haha! Thanx! Sig
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    Jiblomats - The Second Coming teaser

    Teaser: http://www.vimeo.com/5817235 Following a young crew through their season, while skiing the park, the streets and the backcountry, working hard for there shoots. Shot and editet By : Elias Skrede Kvåle Feautering: Sigbjørn Tveit, Nils Flatlandsmo , Torkel Brekke, Klaus Finne , Brede...
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    Jiblomats - Folgefonna 2009

    Edit från Fonna 2009... Check it, rate it and drop a comment! http://www.newschoolers.com/web/content/viewvideo/id/279885/ www.JIBLOMATS.com
  8. SigTheShocker

    Sig Tveit - Rails in Keystone

    Edit av meg som kjører rails i Keystone 28 Januar. Check it ooout:D Editen er lagd for: www.ninthward.com www.jiblomats.com
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    Jiblomats - November/Desember Edit

    http://www.jiblomats.com/video_file/novdes.htm Our november and desember featuring rails, urbans, powder! Locations: Voss and Myrkdalen, Norge stay tuned on us... www.jiblomats.com!
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    Jiblomats - Snowballin', 07/08 movie (free)

    Marry Christmas Swedish people! As a Christmas present we bring you Snowballin', a free Norwegian ski film including friends and upcoming skiers from the western part of Norway... We wasn't really planning on making a movie this year, but the season left us with so much footage that we decided...
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    Jiblomats - Shredding Backyards at Night vol.1

    Check out Sigbjørn Tveit and Nils Flatlandsmo shredding backyard rails at nighttime with friends... To see the whole update go to www.jiblomats.com and visit the "LifeBlog" section:D For everyone who likes our edits, I recommend you to visit our website once in a while... We'll update the...
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    Jiblomats shredding Zermatt - Edit

    Edit frå Zermatt, 25th Sept - 6th Oct... Had a great time! Länk: http://www.newschoolers.com/web/content/videos/id/219708/ COMMENT AND RATE:D
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    Sigbjørn Tveit edit

    An edit of me. Most of it is from my homemountain Voss in Norway, hope you think it's cool even if the jumps ain't like the black line in breck... hehe sig 9
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    Easter Edit from Norway

    Homies skiing in Voss, Norway Riders: Sigbjørn Tveit Torkel Brekke Ole Fretheim Nils Bjørnar Flatlandsmo Elias Skrede Kvåle
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    Sigbjørn Tveit first railsesh edit this season

    Here's a edit of some railin i did 2 weeks ago... Hope u like it. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/lxVClDK2hio&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/lxVClDK2hio&rel=1"...
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    Crayzo Backyardrailin

    mhm, word. Riders: Sigbjørn Tveit, Nils B. Flatlandsmo, el-bwoy, Kristus, Brekkjen and som dudes. Here it is: http://media.putfile.com/summer-reil-s 9 wun
  17. SigTheShocker

    Sigbjørn Tveit: 2 hours in Hemsedal...

    Sigbjørn Tveit chillin in the park of Hemsedal... Filmed in 2 hours: http://www.jib-team.net/Tveit/Sigdogg%20G.wmv REP DA NINTHWARD!!!!
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