Ski Season 2017/18 Italy

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AngelicaSykes07 21 inlägg 11 mån sedan

Hey y'all

Hope this post finds you well and that the summer isn't dragging too much. My name is Angelica and I am a long term ski bum. People say, Jellie, you're 25, do you not fancy getting your shit together. For a brief moment I think, fuck, maybe I should but then I remember, freeriding is life and I am used to being dirt poor so it's fine. I normally base myself in Cervinia in the Aosta valley, I LOVE Zermatt but like the Italian prices better wink!
Cervinia is my home, I love it. Being Italian, I feel like Cervinia is the perfect place to come back to between traveling with the FWQ and filming etc. When the weather is epic, there are some incredible lines in between Cervinia and Zermatt (they don't get torn up by 9am either) plus, there is literally NOTHING than matches the views under the Matterhorn while sipping a cold beer. When the weather is crap, we jump in the car and head to Courmayeur, Gressoney or Pila to name a few resorts, just an hour or so away.
Sorry I am rambling, basically, I am looking for 4 roommates. Preferably freeriders who love to hike, climb and get mixed up with the back country. I'm not a party animal, don't get me wrong, the day is not done without a beer and I live for Monday pubcrawls but if you are a "go out every night and sleep all day kinda kid", I can hook you up with more like minded seasonnaires. I don't like living like passing ships in the wind, so no his and hers cupboards and separate foods. If we live together we are a family, I cook every night so after a long days riding no matter the conditions, I will cook a big dinner and we can sit down, talk over the awesomeness of the day and drink a glass of wine. I LOVE having an open door policy, I am always inviting pals over for dinner and drinks and having big movie nights, that's my fave. They big supermarket is in Aosta, about an hour away but like a total geek, I enjoy getting food for the week so I head down, get what we need and try and be cost effective. I am a vegan but I love cooking and have no issue cooking meat and diary, I can't force my views on you so don't worry! I love yoga so if we can practice together and stretch out the ski muscles, that would be amazing, or if you want to learn, I am hoping to become a teacher next summer. I don't mind cleaning as long as you are respectful to me and the apartment landlords by maintaining the clean. We will be a team, pals and riding buddies so I hope we will become firm friends.

The price will be between 1800 and 2000€ for the season, including all costs. I can hook you up with a job if you need one too just message me.

Add me on Facebook on Angelica Sykes or email me on Even if you don't think we would make good roommates but you still want to come to Cervinia, PLEASE feel free to message me, I work with the apartment agency so I can find you a good apartment plus hook you up with a job, I am helping the main bars and restaurants recruit so it's no worries, I got the hook up! Loads of jobs are going to just give me a shout and we will make sure you have the best season yet.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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th3c00kie 7 inlägg 11 mån sedan

Sounds great! Almost to good to be true, what's the catch? wink

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AngelicaSykes07 21 inlägg 11 mån sedan

Hahaha no catch, well maybe the fact that I am a total fruit loop as they say in the UK. Message me on FB- Angelica Sykes <3

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annadbck 2 inlägg 10 mån sedan

Hi Angelica!!

My friend Tove and I graduated this summer and are planning to go down to the alps this winter season to ski and work and just have a good time away from home (Stockholm). We read your post and really liked what we read. Do you still need 2 roommates? We would also love it if you could hook us up with jobs.

Look forward to hearing from you, Anna Dahlbäck smile

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AngelicaSykes07 21 inlägg 10 mån sedan

Anna! Great to hear from you. Add me on Facebook and let's take on there! Have a great day girl smile

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