Wind lip jump session photos

Went through some shots from the various still cameras around the wind lip that we sessioned two days ago. Definitely some bangers in there, thanks to everyone who kept taking photos, you know who you are.

the crew on location. such a fast build, the perfect spot for a good pow jump session.

making the final touches

making the inrun perfect

one of the first hits, classic laid out backie


Joakim, 7 tail

Emil, mid dub backie

Joakim’s 7 tail again

Liu Kang spread eagles are the new blunts.

flat 7

mid dub 10

Jonas is one of the Swedish homies I am staying with at the moment. Here he’s doing his first dub 10.

Daniel is an awesome guy, he spent all day in his purple one-piece, rocking goggles with no hat and doing enormous dub backies listening to punk rock. Madness.

sequence of a dub 10

part of the crew, exhausted after an epic day.

In other news, just woke up in Whistler to overcast skies and pouring rain, not that cool. However that usually means it’s snowing higher up so hopefully we’ll get another session on the wind lip soon, I have a few tricks I want to try out. Going to spend this day in the village just being a tourist, I think.


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  1. Aaron says:

    Nice pictures!

  2. Aaron says:

    Looks like a solid day in the country!

  3. jenny says:

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