The Observatory

Hey everyone, I am back to civilization after 3 days of radio silence. We just got back to the town of Telluride after spending 2 nights in the Alta Lakes Observatory just around the corner from the ski area. Built in the 70s, the Observatory is a classic ski lodge nestled in a huge backcountry bowl, with big faces, narrow colouirs and epic tree skiing all around it. Here’s some of the action from the last few days:

The lodge.

The backyard. Some serious skiing!

My bedroom. Not bad!


One of our friends/guides Greg Hope getting some nice turns down the Birthday chutes 30 minutes skin from our front door.

Really good snow in there after the last storm.

Yesterday the weather rolled in and shut us down so while hanging out at the lodge it was decided we needed to hit a Telluride classic; the Trestle. And old mining relic, the trestle is a solid 30 feet tall and has a massive landing in the trees below. I remember watching this thing get hit in old snowboard movies from the 90s, so I was all over it. Praying for some afternoon light, we quickly made an inrun and prepped the take-off. Photos by Greg Strokes:

Just as the sun was about to set there was a window in the clouds, letting us get a couple hits before dark. It was sketchy hitting it after standing around all afternoon but I ended up getting a couple bangers. Here’s a mandatory crowd pleaser.


flat 3.

The town of Telluride on our way back from the lodge.

So now we only really have one day left here, we’ll see what the weather is doing but right now it’s looking like the trip has pretty much come to an end. Going to pack up all the gear and hop on a plane back to Sweden on monday, for some spring skiing in Åre + JOI! Stay tuned for a lot more skiing, the season is not over yet.


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