Arrived in Gesundaberget, Dalarna, Sweden two nights ago for the inaugural event CatAssTrophy. I was invited to help organize and judge the event, so Sofia and I got in the car a few days after I got home from the US, and did the 3 hour drive north in the beautiful Swedish easter sunshine.

On arrival, I was stoked to see how good the park was, got a couple laps in and the jumps are awesome, with some fun rail options. Nothing crazy, just perfect for an am-level slopestyle contest. The kids really threw down in the perfect spring conditions and I was impressed by the level of skiing, the youngest competitor being born in 2003. I’m getting old!

The slopestyle course consisted of 3 rail options, 2 jumps and a wallride at the end.

The money booter being shaped.

Right 5 opp safety.

Mandatory crowd pleaser backie.

Super fun wallride at the bottom!

In the judge’s booth.

Sofia enjoying the spring skiing.

Today we have a day off, going to take a couple laps through the park with the camera, then tomorrow we are off on a 4 day roadtrip with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck and skier Oscar Harlaut, making a park guide for swedish ski mag Åka Skidor. Here’s my schedule for the coming week:

April 1st: Bjursås

          2nd: Kläppen + Lindvallen

          3rd: Funäsdalen

          4th: Åre

          5th-6th: JOI, Åre

Then after that I haven’t quite decided yet, I would love to go and hit up WSI but I have to be back in Åre in only two weeks for a shoot. Sofia and I are also in the process of trying to move from our apartment in Stockholm and it would make life easier if I spent a week or two at home. We will see what decision I end up making.

Stay tuned



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