Swedish spring parks!

So the last couple of days I have been roadtripping around Sweden, doing a couple of park shoots with my friend and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck. The weather has been top notch, the parks well shaped, and our excitement high. Super fun few days, and this afternoon we arrived in Åre just in time for the JOI madness. Unfortunately the Åre weather gods aren’t cooperating (this seems like a common pattern over the last couple springs), so the 2nd practice session today just got cancelled. Bummer, since the jump looks bigger and better than ever!

Our first stop on our little park tour was Bjursås Soulpark, which quickly became one of my Oscar Harlaut’s favorites with all it’s fun little snake-lines and jibs. You can tell snowboarders built this park:

Got some air on the hip as the landing got soft in the afternoon sun.

flat 3 on the same feature.

backflip up top

Sweden’s such a beautiful country to drive through. Lake Siljan in the evening sun.

After Bjursås, we made the drive northwest to Sälen, to hit up the classic mountains Lindvallen and Kläppen, this is almost home turf for me since I grew up skiing these places when I was still in school. My family would drive here almost every weekend during the winters:

Dropping in for some early morning laps through the Lindvallen terrain park, absolutely stacked with features.

Oscar and I on the big Oakley rainbow-down box.

Oscar flat seven-ing with style.

Moose friend we saw on the way to Kläppen.

Flat 5 on the first kicker in Kläppen. Another big park with tons of fun features.

left flair tail in the pipe as the walls started to get slushy.

Today was our last day, woke up at 5 and drove 3 hours north to Funäsdalen, where we skied until noon, before finally heading up to Åre, another 3 hours north. Sweden is a long country!

540 tail on Funäsdalen’s big jump. Their park is a lot smaller but I had a great time, nice vibe, short t-bar lap, and super smooth features.

same trick, different angle

All in all, some of the most fun 3 days I’ve had in a long time! Also good to get a couple park hours in to prepare myself for the biggest jump in the business – the JOI booter! Let’s hope the weather gets better, it seems to be nice everywhere except for here…

Now I’m off for some dinner and party with all the boys, it’s going to be a couple fun days!

Stay tuned


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