Off to Åre!

Hey everyone, and sorry for the radio silence on here. It’s just that Sweden has been blessed with the shittiest December weather as far as I can remember, with most of the country warm and green, and it’s looking like it’s going to continue going into the new year. Not much you can do about it, but it’s definitely a bit of a bummer since the plan was to try to get some footage of street spots in and around Stockholm. That obviously didn’t happen! Instead, I have been surfing my brains out (lot of swell lately, although the 5°C water is getting a little annoying after 3 hours in the surf), as well as hitting the gym. So ready for some skiing now though!

Anyways, tomorrow morning we are taking off and doing the 8 hour drive north to Åre. A place I love to return to, to meet old friends and ski one of the funnest mountains I know. The reports are telling me to bring ice skates, but hopefully we’ll be able to find some decent snow somewhere. If not, there’s always a good party to be had, especially during the new year’s weekend…

In lack of anything more exciting, here’s a couple shots from christmas with Sofia’s family:






See you all tomorrow, in a snowier place called Åre!


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  1. M@ says:

    What brand is the t-shirt you’re wearing in the picture with Sofia (“Reality is the illusion”)?


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