Couloir Bellin, in perfect spring snow.

Headed back up to Brevent this morning to get a little taste of some steep skiing again. Linked up with Tof and his girlfriend Lea, and did a run down the Bellin Couloir, just before the sun got too hot. Perfect spring snow for the upper part, then some pretty challenging conditions the rest of the way down to the forest. Ankle felt great and I got a good view of the terrain around, some truly amazing photo studios around here!


Standing on the top of Brevent looking east. This back bowl looks like a good jump building zone for late season.


Tof and I, halfway down the Bellin Couloir.


Looking back up towards the entrance. Good feeling skiing next to that massive rock wall with wingsuit and speed-riding crews jump from above. Good show today.


Lea linking some nice turns at the middle.


Speed-riders doing flips down the mountain. It’s insane how close to the rock walls they go. Chamonix is a crazy place for crazy people, and I’m just trying to be myself right in the middle of it.



Managing the deteriorating spring conditions down at the bottom of the mountain. This winter is one to forget, that’s for sure.

One big run is definitely enough for my ankle (and leg muscles) at the moment, so now I’m heading back out to take some photos and enjoy the sun. Later!


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  1. dawn says:

    Good Blogging Bro!!

    Keep it up,

  2. Arvind kumar says:

    I really loved to see this place i am always excited to go on that type of place and i have also share a game in whch you can lots of enjoyed.
    the place was awesome this is called the real beauty of nature.

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