Chamonix life pt.1

Hey everyone, sorry for the long wait in between posts! This quaint town tucked into a corner below the tallest mountain in Europe takes ones attention away from computer screens…

Anyways, It’s been a month since Sofia and I moved to Chamonix for the winter, and it’s also been the snowiest January for me since forever, with the first 14 days of the year being powder days, and the remaining half has kept us busy with a cold and clear high pressure, making for some perfect jump building. Right now we are on the grind, getting out in the mountains every day looking for a photo or film clip to capture. Last week, Simon Ericson came visiting with a friend crew (Morten Grape, Noa Gadelius and Emil Granöö), so we are leaving no bowl untracked in our mission to make the most of all the snow! I can’t say too much but after a year of no jumping I’m pretty pumped on how some of the shots are coming out!

To try to summarize January for you all, I’ll make this into a series of post, this one being part 1. Photos by Sofia:


Building jumps with the crew is the best foggy day activity!


Pow turns from the lift in Flegere.





Can’t take too many photos of these mountains. Ever present, ever changing.


Aiguille du Midi, seen from the west.


Roadtripping to Tignes for the Linecatcher, that unfortunately got cancelled due to sketchy snow conditions, with natural slides happening everywhere.


There were of course plenty of man-made ones as well. Sofia got this photo of a snowboarder in a tight spot, luckily he was never caught. Hopefully his friends in the top right didn’t drop in behind him, as their line looks about as wind-affected.



Back in Chamonix!


A few days after the snowfall it was time to get the skins on. There’s always some powder around the corner here waiting to be found.


Sofia’s first touring experience, I think she’s hooked!


Sketchy traverse on the morning ice.


On top of another perfect stepdown.


Simon shredding pow.


Mandatory bird friend photo.


Noa stomping.


The whole crew in the jump zone.

Too many photos to choose from, but that was all for now, part 2 dropping soon, as long as I can find some better wifi!


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