Arctic Circle part 1

After Chamonix we steered the van north, towards the Arctic Circle over a 1000 kilometers from summery Stockholm. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to spend May in Northern Sweden, and this time I wanted to show Sofia the magic too. Because of bad snow depth on the Swedish side of the border we decided to keep going into Norway, where higher elevations could offer up some better snow. With no real plan in mind, we set out on a month-long adventure in the score-mobile, packed full of skis and surfboards, ready for any hand Mother Nature would deal us. 3 weeks later, we have seen every kind of weather and snow conditions we knew existed, slept in some of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen, stayed up long nights under a bright sky, and basically forgotten that time existed. Now I’ve finally found some time to sit down and share some words and photos from this trip. I will start with our first stop, the Lyngen peninsula just north of Tromsø. If you ever get the chance to visit, just go. There’s no place like it.

Most photos by Sofia Sjöberg:


Sofia taking in the view somewhere in Northern Sweden


Happy driver in the score-mobile!



Our first view of the Lyngen Alps. Despite a bad snow year we were blown away by the potential for amazing skiing up here.



Daniel Rönnbäck was happy to finally see some mountains again


Views, views, views



Daniel and Simon taking a leg-stretcher after 12 hours of driving. Almost there.



Mind-blowing terrain around here, and it was really good to get a good view of these peaks for future expeditions. This time our weather-window only allowed for some mellower tours but I’ll be back as soon as possible…



View over Nord-Lenangen, where we camped on our first night in Lyngen. This photo was taken at 1.00 am!



With Simon Ericson on our first day on the mountain, which turned out to be a half marathon on skis, 20 kilometers over ridges and rollers until finishing off on a 900 meter pyramid mountain across the valley. Nothing gnarly or special skiing-wise but such a crazy day in the mountains!


Daniel enjoying the pleasant weather


Sofia on her way towards our first summit of the day.


Lunch break.


Our final objective which we found during lunch. Thinking it would be a quick mission we skied down into the valley and put our skins back on. Turns out the distances here are very misleading and it added another 4 hours to our day. Still so worth it!



Topping out at 8pm ready to ski some perfect spring snow! Daniel Rönnbäck photo.


Our camp setup below one of the peaks.


Simon preparing the campfire



Enjoying some freshly brewed “kok-kaffe” from Lemmel-kaffe. A northern specialty!



Pondering where to go skiing at 5 in the afternoon. My favorite part about this region is the ever-lasting light. No need to set early alarms!


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 14.46

Screenshot from the Hexo+ on another peak the day after. Got some very fun footage from the last few weeks to show you!



Midnight dip in the North Atlantic


Sofia making stir-fry in the van, ready for another day in paradise.

After three days in Lyngen, the weather unfortunately turned sour on us, and with a week of clouds in the forecast we got back into our motorcade and headed south. The charts called for swell, and after a 5 month break from the surfboards I couldn’t to get in the water! Check back soon for a surf post…



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    Looks amazing! I would really like to go there soon.


    Arctic Circle part 1 – Jacob Wester

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